Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Little of This & That...

I'd like to tell you that my recent lapse of posts is because I've been super duper busy...but then I'd be lying to you. I really just haven't had anything post-worthy to write about, I guess. We lead such boring lives. :)

Judd finished harvest yesterday!!!! Let's all shout "YAY!" simultaneously! Oh wait, you probably couldn't care less...but I do! It's SO early to be finished already. They're starting on field work and odds and ends jobs til the end of the year, which basically means he'll be getting off a little earlier!

I'll be 26 weeks pregnant on Monday. Yeah, I'm jumping ahead of a few days, but who wants to say that they're 25 weeks and discredit all those days they've suffered?! Not me. I had my gestational diabetes test yesterday and passed by 11 points! Yay! One thing that's different with this pregnancy is the insane itching. I either have fleas or my belly is stretching too quickly. It's crazy. This little girl also moves (read=KICKS) a LOT more than Caroline ever did! She is so active. I think she's doing karate or tae bo in there! I still haven't done squat to her nursery yet - BUT I at least have some plans now! I also got a 30% off coupon for paint from Sherwin Williams so I'm thinking I'll at least be buying paint before my coupon expires.

Caroline is SO busy. She is starting to talk (thank you and ah oh are our favorites) a lot and trying to repeat what we say. She puts herself to sleep for naps and bedtime which is awesome. We tell her "night-night" and put her in her crib and she's off to sleep! Part of me misses rocking her though. She is walking EVERYWHERE. She doesn't really want you to carry her anymore, which is great on my back...but a hassle in general. HA! She's cutting more teeth (that'll be 8 in 3 months...crazy!) and they've affected us more this time than any other. I hate teething. She officially LOVES it outside, whereas a few months ago the grass scared her. If she sees her shoes, she's ready to go!

I guess that's the rundown on the fam. I wish I had more to fill you in on, but like I said, we're boring! On a happy note, CHRISTMAS is creeping upon us! My favorite time of year! I can't wait! And for Christmas''s a photo from last year's Christmas Eve...

Oh how different Caroline will look this year...AND ME TOO! I'll take up the whole picture with my belly! ;)