Monday, February 28, 2011

Giveaway Time!!

We’re having a giveaway at Squiggle Stitch! Head on over to Little Moments with the Laneys! Become a follower of my blog and “like” Squiggle Stitch on Facebook! Each counts as a separate entry! Let her know in a comment under the giveaway post when you’ve done this! (Be sure to make two separate comments for each thing you do!)

She’ll pick a winner on Thursday using a random number generator!

**Be SURE to leave me an email address so I can contact you if you’re the winner!**

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Happy Birthday, Judd!

My sweet husband is turning 26 today.  I thought I’d list 26 wonderful things that I love about him. 

1.  He is SO incredibly patient.  This is something that I struggle with!

2.  He LOVES his girls unconditionally.DSC_0265 copy

3.  He dances really funny to make me laugh when I’m stressed out.

4.  He adores cakes.  I’m talking, he’ll eat the whole cake in one sitting. 

5.  He shares his Jell-O pudding with Caroline.  That’s true love, folks.

6.  He definitely spoils me.

7.  He’s supportive no matter what I’m doing.

8.  He is the Christian man that I always hoped I’d marry.  I can’t stress how much this means to me.  October 2010 & Davis' Bday 085

9.  He leads songs at church on Sunday morning!  That takes guts!

10. He is so caring.  He’ll stop and help any stranger on the side of the road, no matter how scary I think they look. Winking smile

11. He doesn’t steal the covers anymore.

12. He ALWAYS helps get our girls ready on Sunday mornings when I’m least organized and frazzled!

13. He usually lets me sleep in on Saturdays.  I LOOOOVE that!

14. He seriously makes me laugh all. the. time.  He’s one of the funniest people I 2010 053

*This is Judd trying to use Gibson’s voice changer through the package.*

15. He thinks he’s better than me at Wii Mariokart, but really, I’m way better.  Winking smile

16. He never meets a stranger.

17. He has a story for juuuust about every situation. 

18. He is the most laid back person on the planet.  Nothing gets him worried, stressed, or angry. 

19. He’s getting a soft spot for animals.  I may be rubbing off! Smile

puppy reese5

20. He works so hard for our family.  Can I say that again?  He works SO hard for our family!

21. He doesn’t do anything half-way.  If he’s going to do something, it’s got to be done correctly – the first time!

22. He puts Tabasco on ev-er-y-thing.

23. He’s makes me try new things!!

24. He can fix anything!

25. He doesn’t care how I decorate and let’s me do it MY WAY!

26. He makes me the luckiest woman in the world every morning that I wake up.

judd and kacie anniversary

I love you, Judd!  You mean the world to me and I don’t know where I’d be without you!  Thank you for everything that you do for our family!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Squiggle Stitch will be doing a giveaway at Little Moments with the Laneys very soon! You’ll have your choice of






And a monogram of your choice! Smile Make sure you like Squiggle Stitch on FB and follow my blog so you’ll know when the giveaway starts! Surely you at least KNOW a kid you could give it to! Winking smile

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank You!

I just wanted to say an overwhelming THANK YOU to everyone for being so sweet and supportive! Y’all make me so excited!
I’d be happy to take a few orders if any of you have something in mind that you’d like. I have lots of designs to choose from, but the best way to pick is to go to and look at the choices. Then come e-mail me at and we’ll talk details! Smile Prices will vary depending on the applique/monogram.
Also, if you’d like, you can click the “like” button to the left and join my page!

(If you're reading this from facebook, search "Squiggle Stitch" and you'll find me!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Exciting (to me) News!

I guess I feel comfortable enough letting the “news” out now.  Although I fear when I let it out, it will all turn in to a big flop! (Maybe that’s why I’ve been hesitant to tell?) 
I’m starting a small business!  AH!  Let me show you….
That big machine is used to make pretty stuff like this:
It didn’t make the cute kid, just the cute “A” onesie…  Winking smile
Needless to say, I’m excited – but nervous!  I have some really cute things to start my business off.  Cute bags to monogram, lots of shirts to applique, and adorable burp cloths to monogram AND applique!
I’m going to have my own website where items can be purchased and then shipped to you.  My website is going to take a while to finish, but I’ll get it going as I do more and more samples and hopefully as I do orders for people.
We’re going to be called Squiggle Stitch (and will eventually be located at and will have a Facebook page!  I’ve already started the Facebook page but haven’t told anyone about it yet because I’ve barely got 3 pictures uploaded to it.  I’m considering having a blog just to showcase my stuff and list upcoming sales, etc. but I’m not sure if I’ll really have time for that! 
Well there’s my news!  Probably not very exciting to YOU, but very exciting to me!  Smile

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reflux is the Devil!

Yesterday I finally had enough of Amelia’s crazy amount of spit up and started researching Infant Acid Reflux.  A lot of the “signs and symptoms” that were listed described my baby down to the letter!  After a facebook consultation on my status, I finally made an appointment at the pediatrician’s office. 
Turns out, I was right.  The poor girl has a “really bad case of acid reflux and a touch of colic.”  Since I’m strictly breastfeeding, thickening her feeds isn’t really an option.  She’s definitely not a “happy spitter” so something had to be done.  So my sweet little 8 week old is now on Zantac.  We’re praying it will help!  Looking back I realize that she had so many classic symptoms of reflux (that I knew about!) and just didn’t put everything together.  It makes me sick to my stomach that I could’ve taken her to the doctor sooner but didn’t catch it earlier.  She spits up 4-5 times after each feeding.  It was only 2-3 times until the past few days and she’s started spitting up even more…sometimes projectile.  She also grunts in a really deep, low growl a LOT – which I realize now is her voice being hoarse from the acid burning her throat.  Sad smile  How pitiful is that?  She didn’t always arch her back but I’m noticing her doing it more and more now.  It like she stays balled up all the time to keep her back at an arch.  She ALWAYS wants to be held.  Not like a whiny, “please hold me” type want.  It’s like a “HOLD ME!!!!!!!!!” type want.  The kid cannot get comfortable.  If she’s awake, she’s unhappy.  Even if she isn’t crying, you’d have a tough time getting this girl to smile.  She’s 8 weeks old and has smiled (while awake) 3 times.  Just three.  And the screaming came within a minute of each smile.  I SO hope that if this Zantac kicks in that she’ll be a more content baby.  I hate the fact that she’s unhappy because she hurts.  It hurts me to know that she’s hurting so badly.  She also does a lot of choking and gagging.  She gags SO easily – and if she gags, spit up is likely to follow.  Anyway, if your child is experiencing symptoms like this, go to the doctor!  We’re also trying home remedies like propping her after each feeding, trying to feed her in a sitting up position, not placing her on her back, etc. 
Hopefully she can get some relief.  She does have colic issues as well (*sigh*) but we’ve got something to help her with that, too. 
So if you think about it tonight, say a prayer for my sweet Amelia!  Hopefully if all of this gets cleared up, I’ll be able to blog a little more.  Right now my hands are pretty full!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Professional Pictures…

DSC_0096 copy2
DSC_0059 copyDSC_0068 copy2
DSC_0108 copy
DSC_0154 copy
DSC_0257 copy
DSC_0309 copy
DSC_0265 copy
DSC_0125 copy
DSC_0113 copy
DSC_0295 copy3
Those were just my favorites!  She took a bunch!  Thought I’d share them because I’m pretty proud of them!  Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun in the Snow

Well we’ve officially had more snow this year than we have in 10 years past.  HA!  We got about 5 inches or so yesterday and of course Judd had to take Caroline out to play in it!  So runny nose and all, outside we went.  She mainly thinks it’s fun to just walk around in it.  She doesn’t do anything except walk and make tracks, but she finds that fun! 



Then she spotted the Barbie Jeep from across the yard…


She had a blast.  The wind was blowing pretty hard though and it was really cold wind so we couldn’t stay outside long.  My face actually got chapped!  It’s not a pretty sight! 

In other news, Amelia is…..still screaming.  The kid just has issues, folks.  She is starting to wake up a lot more now.  I actually pulled out the camera during her bath last night (and she was CALM!!) and took some pictures!



I even caught a tiny little smile!  I took some more of her after we played in the snow this morning (she didn’t play in the snow, obviously.)




All in all, we’ve had a great day already!  Smile  I have some kind of exciting (to me at least) news that I’m hoping to share soon…and NO…I am NOT pregnant and we’re not moving.  Ha!  So now you can sit back and wonder what else it could be!!  Winking smile