Saturday, October 31, 2009

2 Months Old!

Comparison to last month!

Oh my. Two months old already! Time is certainly flying by! Your personality is really shining through more and more every day. Some things about you this month:

  • You enjoy baths a little more now. (Meaning, you don't scream - just whimper.)

  • You'll let me put you down more often than before.

  • You push with your feet CONSTANTLY. You will literally crawl on the ground if someone will put their hands behind you to push off.

  • You take a 4 hour afternoon nap!! You're napping as I type now.

  • You still love your paci.

  • You haven't had to be taken out of church one single time...yet!

  • You're not a fan of having your diaper or clothes changed.

  • You sleep in your crib a lot now!

  • You're settling into a schedule. You set this schedule yourself! Not me!

  • You're SO happy when you first wake up. At night, when I'm preparing to feed you, I'll look down thru my half closed eyes and see you grin from ear to ear. It always wakes me up and makes me talk to you to see you smile some more. I love it. I live for those smiles!

  • You're sleeping longer stretches at night, which I certainly appreciate!

  • It's official - you look like your Mommy. ;)
  • Your Daddy loves you so much, he made "Sweet Caroline" by Niel Diamond his ringtone for when you and I call him.
Okay, this seriously looks like my baby pictures.

Can you tell she looks like me?

The smile I live for!

Big blue eyes!

A little bigger than last time!

Her 2 month shots are coming up and I dread them. :( I bet I cry harder than she does. I am anxious to see how much she weighs though! When we stand on the scale with her at home it's a 10lb difference! That would be almost 4lbs since birth! Since babies are supposed to double their birth weight by 6 months and she was 6lbs 9.7oz at birth, that wouldn't give us very far to go! :)

Happy 2 Months, sweet girl. Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything in the world! You make every day worth getting up for!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Welcome Baby Davis!!

Baby Davis Camille Foster has made it!! We can't wait to go see her! She has a head full of beautiful dark hair and big chubby cheeks! Supposedly she talks a lot already! Reminds me of Caroline!

Davis Camille Foster - born October 27, 2009 at 7:36am weighing in at 8lbs 8oz and 19 3/4 inches long! She was born via c-section! Mom and baby Davis are doing great!

Caroline and Davis will be 2 months apart! It'll be great to have them so close in age. I hope they're close! She looks so much bigger than Caroline did when she was born. Ha! In Caroline's defense, Davis was "baked" almost 2 weeks longer! Without further adieu - here she is!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Growth Spurt! AH!

Oh my. What a day we've had! Caroline is apparently hitting a growth spurt - which means very little sleep, lots of eating, and fussy fussy fussy!! Needless to say, this growth spurt can't pass quickly enough. She only wants to be held...which is difficult when I need to shower, eat, or even go to the bathroom. So...I haven't showered today and every meal has been eaten with her in the other arm and (even though you don't care) I had to make her cry for a sec if I had to go pee. Judd has been working SO hard this week, getting in at night around 10pm. Tonight they had to work extra late because it's supposed to rain tomorrow. It's midnight and he's still not home.

To add to this tough day, I woke up this morning with a sore throat and a REALLY runny nose. Totally out of nowhere! I think the lack of sleep is killing my immune system this year. I've haven't gotten sick twice in two months in forever. I'm hoping it'll pass soon though.

Why am I on the computer right now instead of sleeping? Well, in all honesty, I'm waiting on the other shoe to drop. Everytime I've put Caroline down in her crib for a nap today she's woken up in less than an hour. This makes for a really grumpy Mommy when I'm alllllmost asleep and have to get up yet again. So, I've decided to just stay awake at least until Judd gets home. (As I was typing this, she woke up looking for her paci...)

Well I am going to sit (and hopefully fall asleep) on the couch until Judd gets home. Goodnight, all! Thank you for reading about my pity party!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Finer Things

Finer Things wants to know, what finer things in life are you thankful for?

1. My sweet baby is finally in my arms instead of my belly.
2. Fall candles and long sleeve shirts are back!
3. The fact that I'm pretty sure my husband is getting me this comforter for Christmas...
4. Netflix movies coming in the mail this week.
5. Caroline's professional pictures coming in the mail.
6. Five hours of consecutive sleep last night!!
7. Wearing non-maternity jeans!
8. Having home cooked dinners most of the week!
9. Judd having Monday and Tuesday afternoon off...(although it really needs to quit raining)
10. Seeing our good friend, Hunter!

Review Suicide

Okay, I'm gonna have a small vent here. As an avid online shopper due to our poor selection of stores here, I read reviews for just about any item over $10 that I'm buying online. Since you can't see something in person - you just wanna know what others thought of the item's durability, value, ease, etc. I usually sift through several reviews before deciding whether the item is worth my time and money. That being said...

1.) WHERE did some of these people learn to write reviews?! Who taught them to write a review on a product they've had for five hours? How on earth can they determine durability based on five hours of use? Let me give you an example...

"Precious Planet Mobile, 06/24/2009
We just set this up last night...very easy...we havent used it yet because our baby isnt here yet...the music seems at a good volume but the projection with the mobile on is kind of silly because the animals get in the way as they move around...other than that its very cute and we cant wait to use it!"

They just set it up last night? And they're reviewing it? I quote "we haven't used it yet...." WHAT? I absolutely hate when people review something that they've had for very little time, much less NEVER USED.

2.) Vagueness. Is that a word? Don't be vague in your review! If you leave a review stating that you hate go on. The masses want to know what is wrong with the item. Not just that you hate it. That tells us nothing. Which means you just wasted your time logging in, typing that stupid review, and posting it. Please, do not be vague and general in your review. Get detailed! Example:

"Junk, 07/08/2008 i bought this mobile for my 2 month old son and we did not like it. i was very disappointed and took it back the same day i bought it."

Oh, okay. Very disappointed. Why? We have no idea. She was just "disappointed" in the product. Should I buy it? I have no idea! Let's not even mention she had it less than one full day before taking it back to the store! Ugh.

3.) Please, for crying out loud...just a wee bit of correct grammar would be excellent. Please. Do not write your review in "text" language. Example:

"Terrible, 08/03/2008 got this thnkn it wud b gr8. not happy w/ how much $ it cost. coulda been better."

Gr8? I'm sorry...did you mean GREAT? Ugh. Okay, I think I've made my point sufficiently.

So, in conclusion, next time you're going to review a product, please make sure you are not committing review suicide. Thank you.

(And yes, these were all REAL reviews.)

Thanks Deda & Pop!

Caroline's first Halloween post! Courtesy of Deda & Pop!

"That's ENOUGH! No more pictures!"
However loud you think she was screaming right here, she WAS! Ha! (Sorry Deda, I know you hate this picture! Haha!) I promise she only cried like this for about 3 seconds!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


My pretty girl! Dressed up for church!

"Mom, I'm serious! Stoooooop taking my picture! It's embarassing!"

I halfway caught her smile!

Like father, like daughter. Please note the position of sleep for these two. Mouth open, head back. :)

This is a video! Enjoy!

Caroline's Halloween pictures are coming soon! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christmas Already?

Okay, I really wasn't even thinking about Christmas until everyone started making posts with their Christmas lists! I'm gonna be honest, my list is full this year. Ha! Unfortunately, the majority of my things are expensive...what a surprise!

Pottery Barn - Simone. Oh my goodness. Look at these beautiful colors! It's linen-cotton so it's super soft. The catch? I want it in a King size. Why? Because I also want...

A King size mattress. These are my top two contenders for Christmas. I reaaaaaaaaaaaalllllly want a bigger bed! We're SO squished in our queen size. One day, I will have this mattress!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Smiling Video!

Please ignore the voice of the insane woman. When I caught her holding my child I chased her away. It definitely wasn't Caroline's mother.

(For anyone who doesn't know, this is a video, not a picture....ahem...Deda! If you're viewing this from facebook as a "note" you'll have to click the actual link to my blog underneath my profile picture!)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Jelby's is doing a giveaway on a SUPER cute fall dress for a super cute little girl! :) Her button is on the right hand side of the blog! Head over there and enter!

Couponing @ Kroger!

First of all - let me thank my sister for getting me into this! HOW FUN! Ha! Seeing my total fall at every coupon was kinda....a rush. This was my first time to ever coupon anywhere and I don't think I did too bad. I saved $95.00 on my grocery bill. Not as great as some out there, but for my first time I'm really proud. That's $95.00 to go towards something else! Our Kroger doubles coupons up to 60 cents and I used Cellfire, P&G, & Smart Source to load coupons onto my Kroger card.

Anyway, in true Audra style, here's my receipt!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Caroline's First Trip To Senatobia

Mamaw holding her great-granddaughter!

Deda & Pop holding Caroline!!

Caroline's first day at church!

Oh yes. I totally took her shopping already. :)

You HAVE to know that as soon as I started typing this post...she woke up. Guess I better go tend to her! :) Happy hump day!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

1 Month Old Today!

Sweet Girl,

You are 1 month old today. I cannot believe you have already been around for a month! Daddy and I are loving every minute with you! There is one thing I can say about you with love being held! You are completely content when someone is holding you! You sleep pretty good at night these days, which makes Mommy very happy! You love your paci, and we're very glad of that! You love to eat and sleep, obviously.
Sometimes (when you don't mind being put down, that is) you like to sit in your swing and you just recently became interested in the mobile attached to it. You like your bouncy chair, especially when you have pesky gas...which is pretty much all the time. You really don't seem to like your play mat yet, but I have hopes for the future! Riding works wonders for calming you down. Our favorite time with you is when you first wake up and smile for our kisses! Your personality grows everyday. You're also quite the talker. You talk when you eat, sleep, or just sit! I love your little noises. You have Daddy's nose, and Mommy's fingers and toes...we can't really tell about anything else yet.
We love you so much. I can't even remember whatlife was like without you...and I'm perfectly happy with that!