Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wonderful Christmas!

To say we had a wonderful Christmas is a total understatement! Caroline was literally showered with toys, clothes, and handmade blankets! :) Judd and I definitely got lots of wonderful gifts, too! Judd even got me my comforter that I mentioned on here a while back! SO exciting. Judd's parents gave us a note that said "We owe you one king size bed whenever you're ready for it." YAAAAAAAAY! Mom & Dad gave Judd is coffee maker and he has made coffee every single day since then. I also got boots that are TO DIE FOR! I wanted them so badly but they were too expensive. Mom & Dad went back and got them for me! I was SO excited to open them!

It was such a fun time and we enjoyed our time with our families. Cassie & Aaron are going to see Brad Paisley with us in February! Mrs. Candy is coming and keeping all FOUR grandbabies! Should be interesting! To all of our family - thank you all SO much for being so generous! We love you all!

Caroline is just days away from being 4 months old! We're going to try rice/oatmeal cereal this week so we'll see how that goes.

In the meantime, here's the link to our "Holidays 2009" (<---- click those words, Deda!) that contains all the Christmas pictures! There were just too many great ones and not enough time to upload them all!

Just to make you want to see them - here's a sneak peek! :)

Monday, December 21, 2009


We've had such a whirlwind last 2 weeks! Talk about traveling! We visited Cassie & Aaron and all the kids week before last and had so much fun! We played Digital Monopoly (very fun, by the way! Definitely better than the old monopoly) and Aaron whooped us all. We also sat around and let Aaron and Austin play their guitars and we tried to remember words to songs we hadn't heard in years! We had a lot of fun just visiting and being with them all. We also need to make special mention of Davis - who offered up her full size swing to Caroline who was SO unhappy with her travel swing. Ha! Caroline literally wanted nothing to do with her travel swing. Lesson learned. The big swing comes along! Ha!

Last week we visited Audra, Andrew, and Drew! We played more monopoly, cards, and the wii! While we were there Judd and I went out for our anniversary. He took me to see the Wizard of Oz at the Orpheum!! He planned the whole thing himself! I was so proud! We ate at The Butcher Shop (YUM steak!) before the show and had such a good time. Thank you Audra for keeping Caroline for us! When we got home, Caroline suddenly rolled over all by herself! We were so surprised! Aunt Audra taught her something while we were gone, apparently! She's been doing it over and over ever since we left! We had so much fun visiting with them. We also drove through Starry Nights in Memphis! It was so cool! I even remembered some of it from when I was little.

Caroline has decided her swing is NOT where she wants to be right now so I must be going!

Friday, December 18, 2009

She rolled over!

Aw, 2nd post for today! :) Caroline has officially learned to roll over from tummy to back. She did it on our anniversary for the first time and did it again 5 more times tonight! I think she has it mastered! I'll have to find the camera so I can video it and post it! I'm one proud mommy!


Christmas Time Pictures!

So sorry that I don't have time to type a post! Caroline has been kinda sickly with a nasty cold this week and she's not sleeping as well as usual. She's needing me now! I'll tell you about our wonderful last two weeks, soon!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3 Months Old!!

Can you believe it's been 3 months since we had Caroline? It's been the hardest, best 3 months of my life! We are really looking forward to this FINALLY being Judd's last week of work. Hopefully tomorrow will be his last day! (Yes, I've been saying that for a long time, but I think it's finally true.)

Caroline is definitely getting her own personality. Can we say DRAMA QUEEN?! If you put her down when she wants to be held, she's upset before your arms come out from under her! When she's nursing and I begin to switch sides, she screams because her meal has been taken away for two whole seconds! She's getting bigger every day. I'm pretty sure she's over 10lbs now...although I'm not positive. She sure feels like it! It seems like she's grown SO much in the last week! Growth spurt? It could account for how fussy she's been! Ha!

She loves to sit and coo and laugh. She has also shown interest in her first toy! It's a bear that sings "twinkle twinkle" and has little red lights that blink on her cheeks. Caroline just stares at it and actually attempted to swat at it once or twice! She smiled at the bear a few times, too! She also stares at high contrast patterns a lot! She smiles when you laugh at her - and sometimes you can make coughing noises and she'll laugh. She also thinks it's hilarious when she sneezes! She's getting way better at holding her head up on her own but still hates tummy time. Honestly, she hates being out of anyone's arms. Ha! She also sleeps through the night now!! She's been doing it for a few weeks now - and I'm SO thankful! :) Sometimes, she'll be smiling at you when you're not looking and she wants you to pay attention to her. Y'all, she's precious! Check out our 3 month pictures!

She's getting so big!

Blue eyes!!

"What is this stupid thing on my head?!"
I never knew I could love someone so much! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and finally got to meet baby Davis. She's so cute! I loved holding and cuddling her! We're planning L-O-T-S of traveling in December and I'm pumped about it! I probably won't be blogging much (what else is new, right?) since we'll be gone but I'll do my best!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Smiley Pictures!

My favorite!
Y'all, I'm in amazement at how much I love this child!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Oh goodness. I'm definitely falling behind on my blogging. I'll do a quick fill-in since Caroline should be up soon.

We were hoping Judd would be finished working yesterday, but it seems the rain that we thought was coming changed its mind. So they're still plowing and filling in ruts. I'm SO ready for him to be finished (do I say that every post?) so we can spend some time together. I feel like I never see him! Either way, I keep reminding myself that it's almost over...

I'm getting SOOOO excited about the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving is this coming week and we'll get to see lots of family! We're going to Senatobia on Wednesday or Thursday for Thanksgiving with my family and coming back on Saturday morning for Thanksgiving with Judd's family. I'm excited to see everyone. We haven't even MET baby Davis yet. Judd has been working so much that we haven't even met our niece! So I'm excited that we'll get to do that.

Ahem, is it okay that I count Black Friday as a holiday? 'Cause technically, it is as big of a day as Thanksgiving! Ha! Judd and Andrew are keeping our children, and Audra, Mom, and I are going SHOPPING! We'll hit Kohl's first (which opens at 4am) then probably head to Target. After Target we'll head to the mall! I LOVE Black Friday. I even have coupons to take with me! I'm only a *wee bit* nervous about Judd keeping Caroline for an entire day without me. He's totally capable, but I haven't left her for this long...ever. I'm gonna miss her a lot!

Obviously, I'm pumped about Christmas! We're putting up our tree this coming week as soon as Judd is finished working! I've already got some gifts on the way to the house that I can wrap so there will already be gifts under the tree! Not to mention, Caroline has the *CUTEST* outfits...complete with a big matching bow for all of them! She is going to be precious. Judd says it's like I'm dressing up my own personal doll. He's totally right. ;)

In totally non-holiday news - we are definitely moving! We've got lots of plans for the house we're moving in to. We're adding the bedroom and bathroom and gutting the majority of the house. It's almost like we're changing the whole thing! The house needs a lot of work though. WAY more work than our current house needed. But it's always fun to have a clean slate and start over when designing and building! I'm excited to get started (which will be soon, I think) and get moved in. Our goal is to move in by planting season. That should put us moving March-April! That's not very far!

I'm actually scared to write about this...but I've been holding out! Caroline has now slept through the night for a solid week!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that was worth 5,000 exclamation points! She eats around 11-11:30pm and doesn't eat again until about 7-8am. Yes, you read that right! I feel like a new woman! I'm honestly afraid to say too much about it for fear that she'll hear me and start waking back up...just to show me who's running the show around here. Regardless, the week of great sleep was totally needed and appreciated. I also can't believe that in 1 week, my baby will be 3 months old! I also got an Ergo baby carrier - because my child wants NOTHING to do with independent play. Ha! She wants to be held every moment of the day. Most people are blaming that on me, but honestly, I've TRIED to put her down since she was little. She wants nothing to do with it! You would think I was hurting her if you heard her screams! I've gotten a lot of "just let her cry" comments, but I honestly just can't do it. I feel sorry for her AND it annoys me to hear her scream for so long. (I only know this from forcing her to sit in her swing while I eat a meal!) I just tell myself that one day, I'll be wishing she would let me hold her. So, I try to soak in those moments as best as I can. I think having this carrier will really help.

I know you all were hoping for pictures of Caroline, but unfortunately my camera has been in the car for the last week so I don't really have any to share. I'll take plenty next week during Thanksgiving festivities to show you! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And may you find many, many sales on Black Friday! ;)

Friday, November 13, 2009


So sorry that I've been MIA for a while. We've been busy! We spent almost a week in Southaven with Audra & Andrew then came back to a very different baby! I was SURE it was reflux, but her pedi assures me that it's colic. So...we're gonna wait it out for another week and if I'm still concerned we'll see another doctor for a second opinion. Also, believe it or not, my 2 month old daughter has a tooth coming in! I can barely see it - but it's definitely there! CRAZY! So that is probably adding somewhat to her recent fussiness.

She got her 2 month shots today. I totally dreaded them. My poor baby! A friend from church was the nurse who gave her the shots and he was so sweet to her. Couldn't have asked for a better nurse! He even called later on to check on her. :)

Judd and I have also been sick. Ugh. It seems to never end. If it's not one thing, it's another. Luckily we both got z-packs today and hopefully they'll make us better in no time! I hope so!

In other news, we're renovating another house. Yes, I'm also surprised that those words are coming out of my mouth (or fingers, technically.) It's going to be a lot of work but Judd and I won't be doing most of it this time. We're adding a bedroom/bathroom, ripping ceilings and floors, gutting bathrooms, & knocking down a wall inside the house! I'm excited, but I'm also already for it to be over with...and we haven't even started. Judd is finally finished harvesting and now they're filling in massive ruts in the field. Hopefully they'll be done with that soon and he can spend some much needed time with his family!

I feel like there were other things that I was going to blog about, but my daughter is somewhat fussy tonight and Mommy seems to be the only one she wants. I'm going to go feed her and make her feel a little better. Have a great night!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

2 Months Old!

Comparison to last month!

Oh my. Two months old already! Time is certainly flying by! Your personality is really shining through more and more every day. Some things about you this month:

  • You enjoy baths a little more now. (Meaning, you don't scream - just whimper.)

  • You'll let me put you down more often than before.

  • You push with your feet CONSTANTLY. You will literally crawl on the ground if someone will put their hands behind you to push off.

  • You take a 4 hour afternoon nap!! You're napping as I type now.

  • You still love your paci.

  • You haven't had to be taken out of church one single time...yet!

  • You're not a fan of having your diaper or clothes changed.

  • You sleep in your crib a lot now!

  • You're settling into a schedule. You set this schedule yourself! Not me!

  • You're SO happy when you first wake up. At night, when I'm preparing to feed you, I'll look down thru my half closed eyes and see you grin from ear to ear. It always wakes me up and makes me talk to you to see you smile some more. I love it. I live for those smiles!

  • You're sleeping longer stretches at night, which I certainly appreciate!

  • It's official - you look like your Mommy. ;)
  • Your Daddy loves you so much, he made "Sweet Caroline" by Niel Diamond his ringtone for when you and I call him.
Okay, this seriously looks like my baby pictures.

Can you tell she looks like me?

The smile I live for!

Big blue eyes!

A little bigger than last time!

Her 2 month shots are coming up and I dread them. :( I bet I cry harder than she does. I am anxious to see how much she weighs though! When we stand on the scale with her at home it's a 10lb difference! That would be almost 4lbs since birth! Since babies are supposed to double their birth weight by 6 months and she was 6lbs 9.7oz at birth, that wouldn't give us very far to go! :)

Happy 2 Months, sweet girl. Mommy and Daddy love you more than anything in the world! You make every day worth getting up for!