Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mother

Mother’s Day comes and goes every year and we all hear sermons about “What IS a Mother?” and we go home and we contemplate those things.  This year, I was surrounded by mothers.  My own mother, my aunt who is like a mother to me, both of my grandmothers, and although I wasn’t with my mother-in-law, she was on my mind as well. 

My maternal grandmother has been in bad health for about 2 years now.  Although she is sometimes confused, I know deep down she is still a mother…a mother who wrote this poem many years ago…


“I sat at length, some days gone by, and pondered o'er the past.

Of how a richer life could I, have had fulfilled at last.

Four little footsteps followed me, as down life's path I tread

Four little footsteps, "Oh so dear" as days of life have sped.

I could not say that all I gave, was best for them I'm sure.

My faults were many, times were bad. Hardships I must endure.

God gave us each of them I know, to bless and keep our home.

I am not worthy of them now, as down life's path they roam.

They are not here, the years have passed. No child to soothe the pain,

of a little hurt that would not last; or of clothes wet with rain.

Those memories are so dear to me, as I think of "one another."

As I look now at them I see Four dears that call me "Mother"

I have their praise, their love their prayers, Their care and their protection.

As we now meet from time to time, they show their sweet affection.

Dear God you gave me "oh so much." I know I can't repay.

The joy you gave me is of such that lasts from day to day.

So thank you God, I say again, for four sweet smiling faces, that I look forward to each time; to hold in my embraces.”

I cry every time I read this poem.  My sweet grandmother has 4 daughters.  And although I know this Mother’s Day was a bittersweet day for them, I hope reading and remembering her love for each of them will bring them some peace and comfort. 

I have a mother who sacrificed her entire life to try to better my life.  She instilled the godly values and morals in my life that I hope to instill in my own children.  There is no greater gift a mother can give us! 

Proverbs 1:8 says, “Hear, my son, your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.”

Thank you, Mom – for everything you’ve done for me. 


Last year, I made my mother a video for Mother’s Day.  I kept meaning to put it on here, but I forgot.  So – I’ll put it on here this year.  There’s no pictures of Walker, but it’s because he wasn’t here yet!  Winking smile

Mother’s Day 2012 Video

As I’ve said many times before – I have another mother.  Smile  She is biologically my aunt, but I’ve always considered her an extension of my mother.  She has taught me faith.  Great faith!  She has endured many hardships in her life that would cause most people to become bitter and angry with God.  But she is just the opposite.  She has become even more compassionate, thoughtful, and loving.  I pray that I have just half of her strength in my life’s hardships.  She has always told Audra and me that we are “the right and left sides of her heart.” She is such an inspiration to me!



I also have to brag on my mother-in-law.  She treats me like I am her own daughter – and I appreciate that so much.  It’s been hard for me to live away from my family, and in the last few years I have taken comfort in knowing that I can go to her with anything.  I know one thing for sure – she raised a fantastic son who means the world to me!  I don’t have a picture of her from yesterday because we were out of town (and so was she!) so I’ll leave you with this one…


And as a mother myself, of 3 beautiful children, I have to say that I had a great Mother’s Day just being with them.  They are my heart.  I hope I get to have many, many more years with them.  They are my mission in life – to make sure they are in Heaven with me when the time comes! 


Don’t laugh.  If you can imagine, it’s seriously the best one out of about ten.  But it’s okay – they’re all in there!  Smile


Happy Mother’s Day!!