Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One of "those days"

Ya know that kind of day when you wish you had never gotten out of bed? That's the kind of day I'm having today. Just tons of little things going wrong..ya know? Nothing earth-shattering or life changing...just lots of little things. I've successfully made my ankle swell by dropping a can directly on it. Now I'm sitting on the couch with my foot propped on my ottoman with ice on my ankle. Someone (probably myself) didn't put the lid on the non-stick spray back on all the way - so when I picked it up by the lid, it came crashing down on my ankle. Don't ask me how such a small can could make such an effect on my ankle...but it has. Little things like this have continued to happen through the day and my hormones aren't allowing me to shrug them off, I guess.

In other news, have you noticed that in ONE MONTH I will be halfway finished with pregnancy?! Time is absolutely flying by. I've had moments where I thought I may have felt a flutter, and one time when I actually saw my stomach move with 3 big (what felt like) kicks right below my bellybutton. The educated side of me wants to say that it's highly unlikely that it was baby already kicking full force, but seriously - I watched my stomach rise up and fall 3 times. If it was the baby, s/he hasn't done it again since. So now I'm waiting for it to happen again so I can decide if it was really baby last week or not. I hope it was. I'm ready to feel something.

So, I'm in Leah's wedding in May, right? Well, I bought my dress before I found out I was pregnant (it was from a regular store so it wouldn't be there for long.) Unfortunately, as my belly grows, the dress gets shorter (it's a knee-length dress) and as other parts of my body grow - "they" no longer fit in the dress either. Of course with my luck, the dress was discontinued months ago. I called customer service and let me say the woman that helped me deserves a raise. She called ALL of their stores in the U.S. before she finally found ONE store that still had two dresses left. One was a size 10, the other a size 14. My original dress that I had was a size 6 but I sent it back to give the "girls" some extra room and got an 8. The 8 BARELY zips as it is and I'll be 21.5 weeks at Leah's wedding. So - size 14, here I come! I figure it will be easier to remove fabric than it would be to add fabric to this dress. So - wish me luck! I was super happy that the dress was on sale though (since I already own one) and I got it for $64! It was originally $178 so I felt very blessed that I didn't have to buy it twice full price. I guess I'll sell the other one on ebay.

My rambling is even getting on my own nerves so I'm going to quit now! I'll update tomorrow with a 16week picture! Hope everyone has a better day that I'm having! :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tummy Growth!

I think my tummy has grown a little bit! (Be sure to allot some growth to bloat...lol) I'm missing pictures from 13 and 14 because I didn't do bare belly so it wasn't as easy to tell. :) What do you think? Is it bloat or have I grown some?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Then - Brad Paisley

I actually had to stop and sit down to listen to this song. I love it.

Then - Brad Paisley

I remember trying not to stare the night that I first met you,
you had me mesmerized,
And three weeks later,
in the front porch light,taking 45 minutes just to kiss goodnight.
I hadn't told you then,
that I thought I loved you then,

And now you're my whole life,
And now you're my whole world,
And I just cant believe the way I feel about you girl,
Like a river needs the sea, stronger than its ever been,
We've come so far since that day,
And I thought I loved you then.

I remember taking you back to right where I first met you,
You were so surprised.
There were people around, but I didn't care,
I got down on one knee right there, and once again
I thought I loved you then.

But now you're my whole life,
Now you're my whole world,
And I just cant believe the way I feel about you girl,
Like a river needs the sea, stronger than its ever been,
We've come so far since that day,
And I thought I loved you then.

I can just see you, with a baby on the way...
I can just see you, when your hair is turning gray...
What I cant see is how I'm ever gonna love you more,
But Ive said that before...

Now you're my whole life.
Now you're my whole world.
I just cant believe the way I feel about you girl.
We'll look back someday at this moment that we're in,
And I'll look at you and say
And I thought I loved you then.
And I thought I loved you then.

Click Here to hear the song

15 weeks!

(Yeah, I know that's a strange analogy, but you get the idea!)

How on earth has another week gone by?! It's amazing! Baby and I are up to a lot this week.

15 weeks

  • Baby is moving up a storm...but I haven't felt it yet. Although everyone says if I feel bubbles...then I'm probably feeling the baby!

  • Baby no longer looks like Igor. :) His head is resting on his well formed neck instead of his shoulders!

  • He grows eyelashes and eyebrows this week! Fun!

  • The hair on his head is beginning to grow! (Unless s/he looks like me...I was bald for several years..lol) Yay!

  • Even though his eyes are sealed shut, he can now sense light!

  • His eyes and ears are looking more "human" now.

  • He's about 4 inches and weighs about 2 ounces...on average. :)

  • I MAY be able to feel hiccups soon! How exciting!

As for me, I'm gonna say that I've had better days but I know that pregnancy is a means to an end. The end result will be WELL WORTH the price I'm paying now. Sciatica has made it's home in my lower back and occasionally my left leg. I nearly scared Audra to death this past weekend in Kohl's as I almost fell straight to the floor. That was my first time to experience the sciatic pain...and to call it excrutiating seems to undermine it. It's basically like a lightening bolt sharp pain that lasts 1-2 seconds and is gone. So I guess if there's a positive side, at least it doesn't last 1-2 minutes or 1-2 hours! But even 1-2 second pain is PAINFUL when it feels like a knife in your back.

In other fabulous Kacie news, I went to the doctor today just KNOWING that I had a bladder infection. In the past week I've had what felt like symptoms of a UTI. I would have moments where I REALLY felt like I had to pee, but nothing came out...nothing. And until I drank enough to make my bladder FULL (which meant feeling like my bladder was going to explode but not peeing) the feeling didn't go away. I was positive it was a bladder infection. Nope. Just my uterus (and possibly the baby in certain positions) pushing on my bladder making it feel like it was exploding. Ah well, at least I don't have to take antibiotics. See? I'm trying to find the positive sides of things.

I PROMISE I will add a picture as soon as Judd gets home to take it! There are times when I feel like I actually LOOK pregnant...and times when I feel like I have a gut. lol. It's very possible that in the next 4 weeks I might actually get a really round belly though! I'm excited!

UPDATED: Embarassing picture of me. Excuse any back fat.

Monday, March 23, 2009


Lori tagged me for a "first" survey. :)


1. Who was your FIRST prom date? Blake Coleman

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love? Once a year or so through facebook.


4. What was your FIRST job? Besides concession stands, I was a tech at Coldwater Pharmacy.

5. What was your FIRST car? a 1997 Mercury Tracer that was first Audra's. RIP Red Tracer.

6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today? Judd :)

7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning? I think Judd. :)

8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher? Um, Ms. Reed I THINK. I truly can't remember.

9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane? Disney World!!

10. Who was your FIRST best friend & do you still talk? Jessica Zettergren or Holly Mote; and yes to both!

11. Where was your FIRST sleep over? Probably Holly's...and we had them OFTEN.

12. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today? Judd. He's my answer to everything...lol.

13. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time? My sister's wedding.

14. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning? Grabbed my back and nearly screamed.

15. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to? The first one I remember is Straight Company, a Christian group.

16. FIRST tattoo? Don't have any!

17. First piercing? My ears, I have no idea how old I was...young.

18. First foreign country you’ve been to? Panama

19. FIRST movie you remember seeing? Sesame Street? The Princess & The Goblin? Pee-Wee Herman? lol.

20. When was your FIRST detention? Never had detention. :)

21. What was the first state you lived in? MS

22. Who was your FIRST roommate? Britney Fair

23. If you had one wish? To never lose anyone (else) that I love and care about. (And get the ones I have lost back!)

24. What is something you would learn if you had the chance? To cook really well.

I tag: Leslie, Mandy, & Rachel!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Audra went with me to purchase our furniture for the nursery today. We wanted gender neutral furniture so hopefully it will last through all future children as well. I'm so happy with what we purchased!

This is my glider and ottoman, but not the right print! See below!

This is our print. I LOVE this chair. It's so comfortable...as if sitting in a giant marshmallow!

Exclude the left side of the picture...just look at the crib...now imagine it in white! That's our crib. Bonavita - The Peyton.

I couldn't find the actual picture of our changing table, but this one looks very similar.

Welcome Baby Kate!

Fellow blogger Amanda finally had her sweet baby girl! Welcome to the world baby Kate! Kate certainly had quite an audience waiting for her arrival! They all had "Team Kate" t-shirts! It was great!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

14 weeks!

14 Weeks

This week:
  • Baby might begin sucking his thumb!
  • He is actually now peeing in the amniotic fluid! Ha!
  • He forms many different facial expressions now!
  • He's about 3 1/2 inches long. He's about the size of a peach!
  • By the end of the week, his arms will be in proportion to the rest of his body.
  • He's developing an ultra fine hair on his body called "lanugo"
  • His liver starts making bile this week! That's a good sign!
  • His spleen also begins making red blood cells!!

This is my 14 week picture. Sorry, but I never took a 13 week one. I think I'm finally getting an actual bump instead of pure bloat. :)
We're heading to Senatobia this weekend and I'm so excited to see everyone! I think we're also going to go look at cribs in Memphis! I'm pretty pumped about that. I'm sure I'll update again before we leave! Have a great night!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm going to be an aunt x 4!

Yep! You heard me correctly! My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are pregnant again! This will be number 3 for them. She's due in early November!! Our kids will be SO close in age and there will be FOUR kids at Christmas at the Davis house this year! Isn't that amazing?! One thing is for certain, these two make some beautiful kids! Unfortunately, Cassie hasn't joined the blogging world yet (I guess we should forgive her since she DOES have a 4 year old and 3 year old to handle) so I can't link you to her blog, but feel free to leave your comments on here! Hopefully she'll see them!


"I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant"

That is the title of a new show on TLC. I'm watching it right now and basically yelling at the tv. HOW????? How do you not realize that the flutters in your belly are your child? The 40lb weight gain in 9 months is not from stress? I won't even GO into missing your "monthly friend" for 9 whole months. Irregular or not, that's something to get checked out! It just blows my mind! Apparently these people had the easiest pregnancies EVER...although it's terrible that they received no prenatal care and didn't abstain from activities that were dangerous to their babies. I told Judd I might have to stop watching because this show stresses me out. lol.

For your viewing entertainment...here's the trailer.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's a vicious cycle!

When one ailment disappears, another one comes to replace it. It's mother nature's way of keeping you on your toes. This past week's adventure has been HEADACHES. For real headaches. Not the wussy ones that a diet coke or some caffeine will cure. This is a get-in-the-bed headache. And they're happening almost every day. Thank goodness Tylenol is on my "safe list" because they're not fun at all. The vicious cycle comes in because with a long-lasting headache, nausea usually follows closely behind it. Then sleepiness comes behind that just from being worn out from everything else. BUT...all that to say...

I would do this the entire 9 months for this little babe that I don't even know yet.

I have a "tentative date" for finding out the sex, but guess what?! I'M NOT TELLING ANYONE! I'm going to make everyone wait! I want to be able to tell my family in person so I'll have to find out, keep my mouth shut, then go home the closest weekend and do it in some fun way. I have a few ideas for how I can do it, but we'll see. I may not be able to keep my mouth closed.

Aren't I hateful? :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

13 weeks!

I haven't taken the picture yet, I'll edit the post and put the picture in after church. :)


The chances of something happening to the baby now are much more slim than they were. I'm rejoicing for that! I still try to find the heartbeat at least 4 times a week. It's reassuring to hear it after a few days. I also like to see where the little booger is hiding. Sometimes it's right up by my bellybutton. Other times it's down by my pubic bone. S/he's definitely a wiggler, too. When I find the heartbeat, s/he usually swims over where I can't find him anymore. But that's okay - I just need to hear the sound.

So, 13 weeks. Exciting. So many things happen in this trimester. We'll find out the sex, hopefully feel some kicking, register, paint the nursery maybe...so many things! But for now, let me tell you what the babe is up to this week.

13 weeks

  • Baby now has bones! (They're still forming and will continue, but s/he at least has some!)
  • If baby is a girl, she already has 2-3 million eggs in her ovaries. So I'd really be carrying my child, and half my child's children. Interesting, huh?
  • Now has his or her own unique fingerprint, completely patterned.
  • His/Her body will start catching up with the head in the coming weeks. Judd will be happy about that since at our ultrasound his first comment was, "Its head is HUGE."
  • Baby weighs almost an ounce.
  • Still can't feel kicks yet, but I'm positive I have a squirmy one on my hands. (Or, in my uterus right now.) :)

That's about all baby is up to this week. Next week will be more interesting...I peeked ahead to see what would be going on!

In news about ME: I feel great! With the exception of some killer headaches that randomly pop up, I haven't felt this great since before I was pregnant! It's fantastic! My energy is up, I'm rarely nauseous, I'm controlling my mood swings a little better (Judd is rejoicing!), and overall I feel really optimistic about everything.

Since the weather has been so wonderful lately, I've been taking Susie for walks in the neighborhood and playing with her in the afternoons. She really seems to enjoy it and it's good for both of us! Then, sometimes at night (like last night) Judd will come home and we'll play with her and walk her again. Yesterday I walked almost 3 miles. I was quite happy with myself. We just walk through our neighborhood, into Joey's neighborhood, then through Delta State's campus and back to the house. It feels good now that I finally have the energy to do things.

One problem that isn't going away is finding food that sounds good. Even things that before pregnancy would've had my mouth watering don't sound good sometimes. Some nights I sit and go through every food I can think of without ever finding anything that sounds good...then I just eat something that I didn't really want. But Judd has been so good to me about my picky food choices. I'll ask him what he wants and instead of being honest, he'll go through a list of things that he thinks might sound good to me. Sweet, isn't he?

Speaking of food, food has NEVER tasted so good to me. (Well, except maybe after a week at camp or in Panama.) I literally sit and savor every single bite..especially if it's something that I was REALLY craving. I've slightly turned into the cliche pregnant woman with eating pickles...but not just any pickles. My preferences are the Bread and Butter, or the Kosher Claussen Dill Spears. Yes, I'm THAT picky...but if you're really my friend you knew that already.

Last night I was thinking about the upcoming weeks and how quickly they'll go by. SO much will be happening in the next month or two. It's kind of scary and exciting at the same time. I hope you've enjoyed my blabbing because I think I'm all out of stuff to say. :) I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! YAY for 2nd Trimester!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I might love Photoshop!

This is the orignial. I wanted to learn to make my pictures "brighter" so I started playing on Photoshop. Here's what I came up with. I know it's not perfect and needs some tweaking...but hey..for my first time...I think I did pretty darn good! :)

I find I'm much better with outside pictures than I am with inside pictures. I'm better with the bright colors!

Here's our friend Caleb waiting to bat in the original photo.

I darked everything around him and brightened his jersey and his helmet. :) What do you think?

I liked this.

"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians, who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, then walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable." - D.C. Talk - What If I Stumble

Friday, March 6, 2009

We're not moving.

Judd and I have talked HOURS on this subject and have finally decided that we're just going to stay where we are right now. Although our house is small, we really don't want to renovate another house at this point. In all actuality, we hope to start building our "forever home" in January. There just isn't a point in us renovating the other house from ceiling to floor to stay in it less than a year.

So, the guest bedroom will now be a nursery. :) I'm going to decorate it fairly simple since it's questionable how long we'll be here. Unfortunately, there won't be a guest bed. :( I'm quite torn about this since my family is 2 hours away, but I know that Mrs. Candy has PLENTY of beds for people to sleep in - so I'm not going to worry about it. I know that my family will understand our reasons for staying where we are.

I'm planning on doing some painting in the nursery (I have plenty of time on my hands these days!) and I've got some "inspiration" for what I plan on doing. I don't want to do anything too elaborate if we'll be moving but I don't want plain walls either. I decided I don't want to do a chair rail in this house because our trim is wood colored and I don't want a wood colored chair rail. I'm picky. :) So here are some of my ideas... (And any girl rooms could easily be boy rooms and visa versa.)

The one above is my favorite, I think...but it might be more work than I want to do. If it's a boy, I could turn the pink into blue!

Did you catch my trend of the horizontal stripes? :) I've had a lot of experience taping off since my room in high school was vertical stripes all the way around the room.

If I have a girl, I want to do a tree decal on the wall. Don't worry, it's not paint!

This is some of my favorite bedding. I won't be purchasing a bumper. I want the breathable one. :)

Boy version.

Girl version.

Judd's a fan of the deer.
Sorry these are so small...the site wouldn't let me save it big. This is a boy also.
Another boy one. I just wonder how cute this one would be without the polka dot bumper.
There's a lot going on in this one. I would only get the quilt, sheet, and crib skirt.
So there's some of my favorites. :) Feel free to give me your opinions!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

12 weeks!

So - the baby isn't really doing too much this week. Just maturing the organs s/he already has. :) He does start to DO some cool things this week though, so I'll highlight some of those.

  • The skeletal system is now forming bones!
  • Fingers and toes are completely separated.
  • Nails are forming!
  • Hair is appearing on the body.
  • External genitailia are beginning to show distinct signs of male or female sex characteristics.
  • The pituitary gland is making many different hormones.
  • Stimulating the baby in certain spots may cause him to squint, open his mouth, and move his fingers or toes.
  • S/he has doubled his length in the past 3 weeks. :) (See picture below)

This is the 11 week picture that I never put up.

12 weeks with shirt over pants.

12 weeks bare belly! Is it getting bigger? I know it's definitely getting harder! It feels very firm and tight.

Sorry it's flipped the wrong way. You get the general idea, I'm sure.

Since I didn't provide the picture last week...here's the comparison from last week and this week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I dreamt last night that I was holding my baby girl, and her name was our favorite girl name (I'm not telling!) and I was rocking her to sleep. I didn't want that dream to end. I love those dreams. I've had a few where I'm holding a baby boy, but the last two that I've had have been girls.

I went to the doctor yesterday and got to listen to the heartbeat again. I LOVE that sound. It never gets old. We discussed the genetic testing to test for increased risk of down's syndrome. Since it only tests for the increased RISK of down's, and if it came back positive the next step would be an amniocentesis (where a needle is inserted into my amniotic fluid) I declined the testing. The genetic test itself is just a simple blood test, but the amnio carries a risk of miscarriage - and I'm not okay with that. So anyway - we're not doing the genetic testing and I feel good with our decision.

Can I just say that my 1st trimester is ALLLLMOST over?! I've never been so happy! I'm finally starting to feel SO much better. I only have little bouts of nausea that are usually calmed with food. My energy is coming back slightly but I really do need about 10 hours to be able to stay awake all day long.

Well, tomorrow is my 12 week post, and I know I never posted my 11 week picture so I'll post it tomorrow and we can see if there's a difference! ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!