Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I dreamt last night that I was holding my baby girl, and her name was our favorite girl name (I'm not telling!) and I was rocking her to sleep. I didn't want that dream to end. I love those dreams. I've had a few where I'm holding a baby boy, but the last two that I've had have been girls.

I went to the doctor yesterday and got to listen to the heartbeat again. I LOVE that sound. It never gets old. We discussed the genetic testing to test for increased risk of down's syndrome. Since it only tests for the increased RISK of down's, and if it came back positive the next step would be an amniocentesis (where a needle is inserted into my amniotic fluid) I declined the testing. The genetic test itself is just a simple blood test, but the amnio carries a risk of miscarriage - and I'm not okay with that. So anyway - we're not doing the genetic testing and I feel good with our decision.

Can I just say that my 1st trimester is ALLLLMOST over?! I've never been so happy! I'm finally starting to feel SO much better. I only have little bouts of nausea that are usually calmed with food. My energy is coming back slightly but I really do need about 10 hours to be able to stay awake all day long.

Well, tomorrow is my 12 week post, and I know I never posted my 11 week picture so I'll post it tomorrow and we can see if there's a difference! ;)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. We didn't do the tests either; mostly because I knew regardless of what a test might show, I didn't want to stress or put our doctor in a compromising position. Good decision.
    Lori @ http://www.thetowells.com