Saturday, August 30, 2008


A whole two weeks! lol! Trust me - it is an achievement! Let me tell you something - nursing school is HARD. I took a stupid quiz today on this thing called "medspub" and they ask us questions about things we won't cover until we're in our LAST semester of school! It was insane! I had to guess then read each rationale for each answer.

I came to visit my family this weekend and it's SO GOOD to see them! I have missed them so much and DREW is sooo much bigger than the last time I was here! I love kissing his little face. He smiles a lot now and it's so great to see that big gummy smile!

Anyway, just thought I'd give a little update. Pictures may follow soon of little Drew!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

6 Random Things...

Audra tagged me for 6 random things about myself. I just did 50 a little ways down so this might be kinda tough. Sorry if I have a repeat!

1. Nursing school will be the death of me.

2. I constantly want the seasons to change so I can redecorate my house.

3. If Judd ever divorced me, I think I'd hunt down Elliot Stabler (Law & Order: SVU) and whisk (wisk? sp? haha!) him away into the moonlight.

4. I can't resist Oakley when he looks up at me with his loving little eyes. He melts my heart.

5. I can't cook in the kitchen unless it's clean. I clean the kitchen, then cook, then clean the kitchen. Maybe this is why I hate cooking so much.

6. I have a HUGE fear that I'll be great at the skills stuff in school, but horrible at the academics (read: test taking) and will fail.

I tag Rachel and Jennifer!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Week 2...

Here we go with week two of nursing school. Let me just tell you how much I hate the class we have on Mondays. It's Pathophysiology & Pharmacology combined into one class. We have it once a week from 1pm-4pm. That's it. Two classes worth of material covered in 3 hours a week.

On another note, we really need the rain to stop! Judd can't harvest unless the ground is dry. The soybeans are going to rot soon if the rain doesn't let up!! He claims that hurricane season has come around about 2 weeks early this year and in his words, "two weeks to us means a lot!" So pray that the rain here stops so my husband can get paid. lol.

I had a WONDERFUL birthday Saturday...and my sweet sister made me tear up with her sweet blog entry dedicated to me. Read it here.

I found this funny little "Nursing Student's Prayer" and thought I'd share it. It's pretty cute!

Dear God,
I know we go through this everyday, but please give me the knowledge as to why I actually wanted to go to nursing school. God, give me the strength to make it through those boring 3 hour lectures without falling asleep. God, please give me the patience to make it through 12 hour clinicals with instructors who can't just give you the right answer. On the same note, give the nurses the ability to remember what it was like to be a student and give us just a little more respect. God, give me the endurance to read all the assigned readings and be able to remember it when I am taking a test with 4 right answers. God, give my family and friends the ability to realize I really am on the edge of insanity. Finally, God, give me the vision to see that one day I will be a real nurse and I will never have to wear this ugly uniform again. Amen.

Wasn't that cute! Okay, it's off to finish getting ready for class!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I was reminded tonight how much I love racquetball. It's sooo fun. Judd and I played for about an hour...and mostly goofed off. We haven't played since we left Starkville in November. The last semester we were there, we played all the time. I miss it! Hopefully, we'll start going back as often as possible. Besides being so fun, it's GREAT exercise...and I definitely need that! The gym here is definitely nothing like the Sanderson Center in Starkville - but DSU probably doesn't get as much money as MSU does. lol. Okay, it's off to study some more! Have a blessed day tomorrow!

I have almost survived a full week.

I can't believe it. Tomorrow we have some ridiculous math seminar ALL. DAY. LONG. 9am-5pm...what a terrible day it will be. BUT - on the bright side, it'll be Friday. This was certainly an overwhelming week. Lots and LOTS of reading and trying to adjust. Our class has 35 people in it. One week down, 116 to go. lol. They gave us a schedule for this entire semester. It is PACKED. I'm pretty sure Tuesday nights and Wednesdays will be my least favorite this semester. Tuesday mornings we'll have class from 9am-12pm. Then from 2pm-6pm we go to the Nursing Homes (1 in Clarksdale, 1 in Cleveland, and 2 in Greenville...we'll each be assigned to one of them) and evaluate our patient. Then Wednesday morning we have to be at the Nursing Home by 6:30am. If I get assigned the one in Greenville or Clarksdale, I'll have to leave the house no later than 5:15am every morning. Ohhhh...those Strangebrew Coffeehouse days are all coming back to me!

Well, I didn't get much sleep (again!) last night - so I'm off to take a MUCH needed nap. Then it's off to study! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

It went well!

They didn't eat me like I thought they would. I at least expected them to chew me up and spit me out, but I was wrong! My teacher for the class today was very nice...and seemed very laid back - which I love. Although, she did give us 10 chapters to be read by Monday...but as I started reading some of it today (overachiever!) I noticed most of it is a refresher from A&P & Microbiology. Today was a short day, just that class from 1-4. Tomorrow will be from 9-5 with a one hour lunch break in the middle! Ah! Just wanted to let everyone (everyone = all two people who read my blog) know that the first day went well.

I am changing my ticker to my two and 1/2 years. Yes, it seems ridiculous - but one day (if I've kept up with my blog for that long) you'll look back and think, "I can't believe she's graduating tomorrow! It seems like just yesterday her ticker was at the very beginning!" lol. Unfortunately, this ticker will take a lot longer to arrive than the last one...but after it does arrive - NO MORE SCHOOL FOR ME...EVER!! That's exciting all in itself, as I have hated every single type of school my entire life. I'm pretty sure I hated preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle, jr. high, high school, and last but certainly not least, college. :) So, not to rush my life away, but I wish that 2 1/2 years would HURRY UP!!


I start school today!! I have 25 minutes! I think I'm going to leave in about 10 minutes to make sure I find a parking space. I'm so nervous that I think I might throw up! lol! I called and talked to Audra a few minutes ago and she helped calm me down. Don't ask me what I'm so nervous about...I don't know! Well, I just wanted to post and say "oh my gosh!!" because my life for 2 1/2 years ends today at 1:00pm. lol. Wish me luck!! (wow! that was a really nervous

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I got my shot today. The nurse who delivered the joyous dosage was wonderful! She popped that needle in and out so quickly I didn't even have time to flinch! Just as I turned my head to see if she had stuck me yet, she was putting the bandaid on. Now, for the present time....OUCH!! My arm is a little swollen and painful to the touch. I hate tetanus shots. I had to have one 3 or 4 years ago (I can't remember!) for my mission trip to Panama. Nursing School does not care. They want me to have the DTAP shot...the 'T' standing for "Tetanus" which means I have a double dose. Last time I had the shot, my arm was sore for DAYS. I remember because we went fishing the day after I got it and it hurt to reel in my fish (that I think weighed less than 1 lb.) and someone had to help me! I purposely asked her to put it in my left arm just in case...and sure enough...I was right!

In other news, Michael Phelps has caught my attention. Why you ask? Well, I'll tell you! Have you seen this underwater "movements" that he does? It is impossible not to watch! It is incredible. Yes, yes...he has an overbite with a slight lisp. WHO CARES?! It actually makes him kind of cute. Yes, yes...he has kinda big ears. Again, who cares?! Look at him! Whew! Everytime he comes on TV, Judd says, "Your man is TV!" and I come running! Don't act like you aren't thinking the same thing, ladies. ;)

Along with nursing school starting...Judd and I have other exciting things going on in our lives that we'd like to ask you to pray about for us! While I can't go into detail, just know that we'd like you to be praying for us as decisions are being made! (And NO -- I'm not pregnant, and unless God has other plans for me, I will not be planning a pregnancy for a long time.) I know that God knows what's best for us...I just have to learn to let him handle the decisions and not try to make them myself!

I hope you all have a very blessed day tomorrow!

Do you see that ticker?

I'm pretty sure it says 5 days!!! I'm getting extremely nervous. I have to go get my DTAP shot today and I'm pretty positive it's going to hurt. I've heard from several people that it burns going in and then makes your arm sore for days! Hopefully, this will be the last shot I'll need for nursing school (except that 3rd hep b shot in november!) because I'm officially tired of getting them.

I don't have much to talk about, I just wanted to drop in and say "holy cow! 5 days!" which I've already done. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

P.S. My zoom lens for my camera that I got for my birthday is supposed to come in today! I'm excited!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

A few wedding pictures!

There's a bunch...I couldn't help myself!! :)

December 15, 2007

Thanks for looking!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

50 Things

that you may not know about me...

  1. I love to take pictures.
  2. Elliot Stabler from Law & Order: SVU is the hottest, sexiest thing to ever walk this planet.
  3. I have a soft spot in my heart for animals. I just love them!
  4. I wanted to be a vet growing up.
  5. I'm a terrible housewife. I end up calling Judd 10 times a day out of boredom.
  6. I'm so nervous about nursing school, that I can't sleep some nights.
  7. I have three wonderful nephews that I love SO much!
  8. Judd and Audra are my best friends in this world. I don't know what I'd do without them.
  9. My sister and I used to ride a small little red wagon down a hill...with my grandmother driving it!
  10. I can literally watch home videos for HOURS.
  11. If I start a Mary Higgins Clark book on Monday, I'll finish it on Tuesday.
  12. I hate reading a book from an author I don't know anything about b/c I fear the book will suck.
  13. I love to play Medal of Honor on, I'm not a boy.
  14. I despise thank you notes. As much as I appreciate the gift - why can't it just be a "given" that I'm appreciative? Ugh.
  15. I love to decorate.
  16. Christmas is the absolute best time of year.
  17. The ONLY thing I enjoyed about my high school years were the summers when we went to youth group trips.
  18. Sardis Lake Christian Camp felt like my home away from home.
  19. If you want to humble yourself, go on a mission trip to a poverty stricken place. Panama was so enlightening.
  20. In my sleep, Judd says I constantly try to push him out of the bed. I informed him that I can't help what I do in my sleep. He wants a bigger mattress. :)
  21. I LOVE getting pants that cover my feet.
  22. I enjoy laying out on the beach. It's so calming.
  23. I LOVE to innertube and attempt water sports. Yes, attempt.
  24. My family means the world to me.
  25. I miss my Papaw and think about him
  26. I don't care if I'M cremated, but I don't want any of my FAMILY cremated. I don't know why.
  27. If I had to pick one material possession that meant the most to me - I'd have to say my pictures. I love pictures.
  28. I can't wait to be a mom.
  29. I think Judd will make such a great Daddy one day.
  30. I won't be a mom for several more years if all goes as planned. God has a funny way of throwing your plans out the window though, right Audra? :)
  31. I want to build the next house we live in. I already have the house plans. I've had them for almost a year now. lol.
  32. I loooooove pancakes. But only if I have a tall glass of ICE COLD milk to drink with them.
  33. I used to eat pickles dipped in mayonnaise. :) I still think it tastes good.
  34. I still enjoy a good Disney classic.
  35. Emperor's New Groove was one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time.
  36. I think scary movies are the best kinds!
  37. Diet coke is the only carbonated drink that I like.
  38. I hate sugar-y drinks. The only one I like is grape juice...and only in small portions.
  39. I love to play cards! Any card game! I looove cards!!
  40. I hate cleaning unless I'm in the mood...which I'm not right now.
  41. I like my chocolate to be melted.
  42. I could shop for a week straight and still not be tired of it.
  43. I love purses. And I like to change out my purse often!
  44. I love knock-off bags, sunglasses, etc. I'm not paying $400 for a bag when I can get one just like it for $40. :) And don't tell me how much better the quality is...It'll just get thrown back in my closet when I get a new one anyway.
  45. I hate houses and rooms with no sunlight. I loooove sunlight.
  46. My new camera gets treated like a baby.
  47. I got a new lens for my camera as an early birthday present! I'm very excited for it to come in!
  48. I DESPISE BUGS! All kinds. Dragonflies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, dirt dobbers, worms, and I've recently decided that I never want to touch a lightening bug again...they just look so gross.
  49. Chocolate Chip Cookies are the best in the world!!
  50. And last but certainly not least...I love my husband for being so sweet and patient with me!

The End!

Dead Flowers

So I came home last night to a lovely wrecked house. Dirty clothes in almost every room. Trash needing to be taken outside. Dirt all over the kitchen floor. Dead flowers still in a vase on the kitchen table. I love being a wife. I love being a wife. I want to kill my husband...I mean...I love being a wife.

I have a feeling that I'll be cleaning most of today...and probably most of next week. I start nursing school a week from Monday. I'm starting to get the "back to school jitters." But even more so, the "first day of school jitters." The people that I will meet and get to know a week from Monday will be the people in my life for at least the next 2 1/2 years. They'll be the ones that I cry to when I come home and still have dead flowers on the table that my husband didn't throw in the trash. How unnerving!

On a totally different note, I'm kind of excited because I'm F-I-N-A-L-L-Y going to get the rest of my wedding pictures and the CD with my pictures on it. So maybe I'll actually be able to post some of them....8 months later. I mean really, 8 months after the fact, the pictures just aren't that interesting anymore. Oh well, I'm posting them anyway and you can pretend to be interested in them. :)

If you're reading this, please say a prayer for my Daddy. As most of you know, he fell off of a ladder last month and shattered his ankle and has been in a cast. Last night he was experiencing a lot of pain and possible muscle spasms in his ankle. He's going to the doctor today at 3:20 to make sure there are no blood clots or anything else wrong with it. Please say a little prayer!

Well, it's off to clean this pigsty of a house! Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More pictures!!

Oakley has been checking out "the creature" a lot this week.

Um, yes, his mother is hiding from the camera.
You know this was mean of me...but it's cute!

I enjoy taking pictures of the little guy. He's just so sweet with those little chubby cheeks! Don't you just want to kiss his face off?! Okay, I'll try to post about something different soon...but seriously...I just can't help it!