Monday, March 22, 2010

The 7 Modern Sins

The 7 modern sins: politics without principles, pleasures without conscience, wealth without work, knowledge without character, industry without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice. - Frederic Donaldson

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Too MANY of a Good Thing???

Does anyone else out there have a problem buying too many/too much of something decor related? For example - do you have entirely too many throw pillows for your couch? Do you have more candlesticks than you could use in the next 10 years while still changing them out with the season?

My problem is bedding. It's a sickness, I tell you. I love bedding. It can change the entire feeling of a room. I don't just like to change my bedding with the seasons either. In a perfect world, I'd change my bedding once or twice a month! My weakness is when Pottery Barn sends me their magazine. I always flip through it and find my new favorite. Then I yearn for it. Eventually, if it sticks around long enough, I'll ask for it for Christmas or my birthday. If you'll remember, I got the Pottery Barn Simone Duvet for Christmas from Judd. I love it. It's beautiful. It's colorful. And I'm already looking for my next fix.

A good way to make this less of a problem would be to find bedding from somewhere cheaper. I always look at Marshall's when I'm in Southaven - but only once have I found exactly what I was looking for.

So...what do you buy too many of? Throw pillows? Picture Frames?

How do you control your urges?

I control mine by thinking of the different ways Judd would kill me if he came home and saw another comforter on the bed! ;)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

6 Months Old! (Pics & Videos!)

Sweet girl,

It amazes me how you're already half a year old. It seems like just yesterday we were rushing to the hospital and anticipating you coming into the world in just a few hours. However, I can't really remember life without you! I would never in a million years choose to go back to life without you! You are such a joy!

You're doing so many new things now! You constantly say "Da da da da" and we love it! You'll even whisper it! So cute! You're eating lots of baby food now and sweet potatoes are definitely your favorite! I attempted to give you a Gerber "Puff" yesterday and you were not a fan. We'll try again later!

You're sitting up all on your own now! You rarely fall anymore! We're so impressed because you can now go from a crawling position to sitting up all on your own!

To say you want to roll is an understatement! You have a NEED to roll! You always want to be on your stomach. Changing your diaper has become a battle! Changing your clothes is even harder! Taking your picture in the chair is nearly impossible!

You are so happy and smile all the time. I live for your smiles. It doesn't matter how frustrated I am, all you have to do is smile at me and I melt.

Girl, you are so pudgy! I love love love your leg rolls! You have 3 on one leg, and 2 on the other! You're starting to use a sippy cup like a big girl and drink some water with your baby food. You open your mouth to eat on cue! You can spot your bottle from a mile away and do everything in your power to get it. Oakley has become your new favorite. You smile and laugh at him..and he's just standing there! I have to work to get that smile! So unfair!

We love you SO much and cannot imagine our lives without you. You definitely stole your Daddy's heart. He can't wait to get home to you at night. He works so hard for us! I hope you always know how much you mean to us. I can't wait for the next wonderful 6 months with you!!


I've uploaded some videos that most people will find boring. But family will love them!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Christmas Again???

Y'all - I'm like a kid waiting for Santa. I cannot wait to move! We are SOOOOO blessed! Not lucky, but blessed! We'll basically be moving into a house with all new things. Judd and I bought new bedroom furniture - with a king size bed! I'm so excited about my furniture! We also got a new couch and loveseat for the living room. The house doesn't currently have any appliances so we got a new range, microhood, and dishwasher as well. My parents got us a new TV and stand as a surprise!! We are so thankful for our parents! We can't count high enough to count our blessings!

Without further adieu - meet all the new members of our family!

My double oven! I'm so excited. Now I need more recipes...ha!

Our washer and dryer. (Our 2nd and 3rd children)

Our fridge. (Our 4th child) We got a GREAT deal on our washer/dryer and fridge. My Dad can haggle with the best of them! :)

Our TV stand. LOVE! (I have the best parents in the world...don't argue with me - you won't win!)

Here's what I'm REALLY excited about!!

(nightstand detail!)

We got an ever BETTER deal on our bedroom furniture!! Bargains and deals everywhere!!

Bad picture, but we got a couch/loveseat! :)

Our AWESOME TV! 50" flat screen!


Friday, March 12, 2010

An Aunt x 5!

Andrew & Audra are expecting again! I'm so excited! I will have 5 nieces and nephews! Awesome!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rug Opinions?

Option 1 (Above)

Option 2 (My personal favorite!)

Option 3 (The rug in our current house!)

Option 4 - none of the above!

I like all 3...but option 2 is my favorite because of the beautiful vibrant colors. We're going to have a soft tan on the walls. I'm thinking orange curtains with that rug?

Option 1 would be a little more neutral...but I feel like I need some color in the room - and what better place to get color than your rug?! All of these rugs are from Target and are currently on sale with free shipping. We're having dark "hardwood"'s actually laminate. What do you think? I'm open to all suggestions!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

House Updates!

I know I'm a bad blogger. You don't have to tell me. I also know I haven't done Caroline's 6 month post. You don't have to tell me that either. It's coming soon - promise!

In the meantime, we have some more house pictures. I can't believe how quickly this is all happening. The contractor is sticking with his original 6-8 week mark. The electrician and plumber are there today, and concrete is being poured for the addition tomorrow. I couldn't believe my ears when they said it should be framed up and ready to be bricked on the outside by Tuesday! Every time I go into the house I get excited all over again!

The sunroom is ready to be drywalled and have the new door installed. The living room is now empty of shelves and brick walls and is ready for drywall. The kitchen is ready for the bar to be added, cabinets to be painted, and drywall to go up. The bedrooms are just waiting to be painted! The hallway has been created and is framed up and ready to be drywalled. Our master closet is HUGE. And I'm pumped. The bathrooms...well...I don't have much to say about those yet. They're still down to the studs. Ha!

It's weird to think I'll be moving in 5-7 weeks. Um, that's not long. At all. Five weeks...that's like, barely over a month! I've packed 2 boxes. They're both in front of my front door, for lack of a better place to put them. So that's my problem with packing early. I think I'll just have to do it all in a week's time. My WONDERFUL mother is taking a few days off of work and coming to help take care of Caroline and pack. God bless her! By then Caroline will probably be crawling all over the house! (Which, have I mentioned how insane it is that my little baby is attempting to CRAWL?)

This is the stain we're putting on the cabinets. This cabinet is being removed for a dishwasher so we tested it here. Ha!

Where the cabinets stop is where the bar will begin. :)

The living room!

Yeah, turn your head to the right. I forgot to rotate it. This is the hallway that was created to lead to our master bedroom. The other half (that you see through the 2x4's) is our master closet. We're putting up the shelves from the living room in there to keep things organized!

Well, I'm going back out there today to speak with the electrician. Ordered all of our light fixtures earlier this week! Most of them will be here tomorrow morning - the rest will take an extra week. :)

Have a wonderful week, everyone!