Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rug Opinions?

Option 1 (Above)

Option 2 (My personal favorite!)

Option 3 (The rug in our current house!)

Option 4 - none of the above!

I like all 3...but option 2 is my favorite because of the beautiful vibrant colors. We're going to have a soft tan on the walls. I'm thinking orange curtains with that rug?

Option 1 would be a little more neutral...but I feel like I need some color in the room - and what better place to get color than your rug?! All of these rugs are from Target and are currently on sale with free shipping. We're having dark "hardwood"'s actually laminate. What do you think? I'm open to all suggestions!


  1. I love this game! I agree - definitely 2. These curtains in pumpkin look like they would go, plus they'll send you a free fabric sample:

  2. Before I read which one you picked, I LOVED #2!!!

  3. Hey Kacie, this is Blake I am one of Audra's friends and I was checking out your blog. I actually own rug number two and it looks great! It does tend to have a lot of "fuzz" that you have to vaccuum up, but other than that I love it!

  4. I read your blog from time to time...I found it on the nest. I had to comment because I bought #2 from Target in the 5 x8, runner and the small entryway size. I LOVE them. We have pale sage green walls and dark leather furniture. I was worried the brown would be too dark but it looks great. I do have to tell you that the rugs are VERY messy. They shed like crazy and I have an 11 month old who crawls all over and then the wool hairs go every where too. It drives me mad but I love the rugs so much I don't care. I read on Target's website that eventually the shedding stops but mine haven't stopped shedding and I vaccuum them a lot.


  5. Seeing as I own option 2, I've gotta go with it. Still my favorite rug ever!

  6. Awesome, ladies! Looks like #2 wins! It was definitely my favorite. Glad people that have it have commented. I appreciate hearing how you like it (and that it sheds!)