Sunday, March 14, 2010

Christmas Again???

Y'all - I'm like a kid waiting for Santa. I cannot wait to move! We are SOOOOO blessed! Not lucky, but blessed! We'll basically be moving into a house with all new things. Judd and I bought new bedroom furniture - with a king size bed! I'm so excited about my furniture! We also got a new couch and loveseat for the living room. The house doesn't currently have any appliances so we got a new range, microhood, and dishwasher as well. My parents got us a new TV and stand as a surprise!! We are so thankful for our parents! We can't count high enough to count our blessings!

Without further adieu - meet all the new members of our family!

My double oven! I'm so excited. Now I need more recipes...ha!

Our washer and dryer. (Our 2nd and 3rd children)

Our fridge. (Our 4th child) We got a GREAT deal on our washer/dryer and fridge. My Dad can haggle with the best of them! :)

Our TV stand. LOVE! (I have the best parents in the world...don't argue with me - you won't win!)

Here's what I'm REALLY excited about!!

(nightstand detail!)

We got an ever BETTER deal on our bedroom furniture!! Bargains and deals everywhere!!

Bad picture, but we got a couch/loveseat! :)

Our AWESOME TV! 50" flat screen!



  1. Can't wait to see it all in the house!

  2. All your stuff is beautiful! Enjoy :-)

  3. Audra - you're hilarious!

    Nikki and Shellaine - thank you!!