Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my family to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!  Remember that this day is about being thankful for what is most important in your life.  Take a few minutes to sit down and pray!  Be specific when you thank God for all He has done for you! 
November Family Photo
Have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stupid People Exhaust Me.

How do ya like that title?  It’s a good one, huh? So for several days I planned on posting this story and alas, life got in the way.  Or I got lazy.  But whatever.
Crazy story. 
The other day I’m leaving Walmart.  It was just like any other day.  I hate Walmart and I was already mad that there were only 3 lanes open and I had to stand in the checkout for 20 minutes with a basket full of groceries.  Of course, when I got there the cashier and the previous customer continued their conversation.  I wouldn’t have cared about that in the slightest except the previous customer wouldn’t move from in front of the register.  I like to see my prices as things are scanned in case something scans incorrectly.  At the end of scanning my groceries the total button was pushed and she kept talking.  Something about the judge taking her baby from her and how she was fighting it.  Whatever.  I inched my cart forward and it didn’t phase her.  I said “excuse me” with no luck…twice.  Finally, I “accidentlybumped her with my cart.  She got the hint. Oops.
Derailed from my original tangent.  Back to the story.  Sorry. 
Okay, so I’m on my way home – already unhappy with my experience from before.  Here we go down the highway.  Stoplights every few feet, right?  Busy highway in the middle of the afternoon. Get what I’m sayin’?
The car in front of me is swerving all. over. the. place.  I was honestly thinking, “Who is THAT drunk at 3pm?!” So naturally, I decide to go around and pass them.  As I’m coming up on the side of them, I see why there is so much swerving goin’ on. 
There was a woman and man in the front two seats.  They looked….rough, to put it nicely.  They were cat fighting.  Really, truly, cat fighting.  It looked like two pre-teen girls slapping at each other with their hands, pulling hair and whatnot. Except one was a man. And both of them were full grown and definitely not pre-teens.  I was stunned. 
So here I come to get around them before they hit my car acting like idiots.  Due my previous experience at Walmart, I was already not willing to put up with any extra stupidity.  As I come up beside them, they come ridiculously close to hitting my vehicle.  So I did the natural thing.  I honked.  LoudlyFor a long time
What I’m about to tell you is somewhat funny, and will definitely enlighten you on the type of people I was dealing with.
So I honked.  Instantly, both of them stopped slapping at each other like lunatics, both of them turned my direction, and both of them flipped me the bird at the exact same moment. 
I nearly died. 
If I did nothing else productive that day, I caused unity in one couple.  They banded together and found common ground in their hatred for me at that very moment. 
I’m sure they went back to fighting moments after I sped past them.  At first I was mad that they flipped me off and I was fighting back my anger.  But the more I thought about it, the funnier it became.  So I decided to share it with you all. 
I guess I’m lucky they didn’t both have guns instead of fingers.  Smile

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well Hello, Blog!

I’ve been really absent in the blogging world lately.  I’m still reading blogs, but I don’t have anything to say myself.  So in case you’ve been wondering what we’ve been doing – I’ll give you the gist.
      • I’ve been busy with Squiggle Stitch – really busy actually. 
      • I’ve also been cooking 168,546,516 new recipes from Pinterest – thank heavens for Pinterest because our weekly routined meals were getting pathetic.
      • I’ve also been stalking Pinterest for the day that we win the lottery (even though we don’t even buy lottery tickets…we’ll just be that lucky.) and we build a house.  I have 100’s of organizational ideas that will probably never come to fruition because I’ll forget about them when it’s actually time to put them in place. Not to mention it would probably stay organized for about 0.12 seconds before it went back to mass disarray.
  • We have an incredibly destructive dog who chews everything in sight.  When I say everything, let me explain…she has so far chewed:  Judd’s truck’s headlight wires, Judd’s truck’s back wires (I have no idea what they go to, let’s be honest.), My brand spankin’ new car’s back wires, my brand spankin’ new car’s power running board wires, random pipes from the yard beside us, OUR HOUSE (she is literally chewing the side of our house..), Caroline & Amelia’s playset, attempting to chew my wrought iron patio furniture (to no avail, thankfully.), our friend’s vehicles (luckily no damage done), the spray bottle full of bug spray, the spray paint can, the trashcan lid, and any and every thing that you leave outside accidently.  Anyone need a new family pet?  Y’all.  She is incredibly destructive. 
  • DSLR Camera Pics 062
  • Don’t let her face fool you.
I’m considering moving my kids into a room together.  That way the playroom/Squiggle Stitch Room can become JUST the Squiggle Stitch Room and mine and the girl’s things will be separate.  This business takes up a lot of space.
Judd is about to have an entire month off work.  I’m so excited that I can hardly stand it.  He’s been getting off work at 5ish and that is just heavenly.  I’m so thankful for him!
Black Friday is around the corner, and I’m royally hacked off.  People, Black Friday cannot start at midnight.  But it does.  It’s ridiculous.  Midnight?!  When do you SLEEP?!  That makes for a miserable day, I would think.  It was all I could do a few years ago to make it to the Kohl’s parking lot by 3:30am.  But 12am?  That’s just too early.  Boo.
It’s hard to get in the Christmas spirit when the temperature is 84 degrees outside.
Regardless, we’re putting up Christmas decorations tonight.  Don’t judge me.  I put my Fall stuff out early so they all get their fair share of time.
I’ve lost some weight and I’m really, really proud.  I was actually able to pull my dress pants off without unbuttoning them the other day.  I also saw a number on the scale that I haven’t seen since before Judd and I got married.  Whoop whoop!  (I’ve decided though, no matter how much weight you lose after babies, you just still don’t the same.)
I think it finally “clicked” (pun intended) with me on how to use my camera in manual mode.  I’m really excited about it and I’m REALLY wanting the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 G AF-S Lens.  It has fantastic bokeh.  I actually already have a 50mm lens that I got a long time ago, but stupid me didn’t know what I was ordering and didn’t an autofocus lens.  It’s manual focus only.  Let’s just say that shooting small toddlers on a swingset is difficult in manual focus.
DSLR Camera Pics 183
See how the background is blurry and she’s in focus?  See how the lighting is bright and not darkish?  I’m proud.
I’m also DESPERATELY, REALLY BADLY wanting my backyard somewhat fenced in.  Two reasons.  To fence in the children so they can play without me next summer, and to fence in that destructive dog we have.  Donations can be made by mailing us a blank check.  Winking smile
My BABY will be a YEAR OLD next month.  I may cry.  How on EARTH was that a year ago?!  Since I never posted her birth story, I’m going to post it the day before her 1 year post for fun.  It was a whirlwind and somewhat crazy! 
Well, that’s more tidbits (and most of it was more like a novel than a tidbit, sorry) than I planned for.  Seems I had more on my mind than I thought.  Have a great week!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy 10…er, 10 1/2 months, Amelia!

You’ve changed SO much in the last few weeks that I wanted to write it down before I forgot – thus, a 10 1/2 month post.  Smile  It wouldn’t be in true Davis Family fashion if I wasn’t 1/2 a month late. 
Not sure what these are 641
You had lots of first in the past month!  You can clap, wave bye bye, crawl on all fours instead of your super fast army crawl, pull up on EVERYTHING, eat several different textures of table food, eat a bottle without rice cereal in it (yay!), feed yourself really well, reach for people that you want to hold you, drink from a sippy cup (although it’s still not your favorite), and take steps if someone holds your hands! 
That’s a lot that happened to you in a month!  On top of all that, you have 2 teeth FINALLY coming in on the bottom, and possibly 2 more up top.  You’re pretty cranky with teething, but you could be worse! 
Girl, you are so fun at this age.  You smile all the time!  You prefer your mommy hold you at all times, but you’re getting better at letting other people try!  You’re DEFINITELY a mama’s girl.  Smile  How on EARTH are you so close to a year old?!  It totally blows my mind.  Seriously, it seems like yesterday we were flying to the hospital in a frenzy to welcome you!  Now here you are way too close to being a year old.  My, my.  Time does fly.
Fall 2011 054
You love:  Caroline playing with you, your pink polka dot blankie, your bottle, standing up, trying to take steps, Puffs, the tv remote control, anything to chew on, seeing yourself in the mirror, eating, being outstide, taking baths, splashing, and mommy holding you.
Not sure what these are 859
You dislike:  cold drinks, getting dressed, Caroline taking your toys, having to get in your carseat, being taken away from mommy by anyone other than Ms. Lois or Daddy, to be confined (crib!), having your bottle taken out of your mouth (usually it’s someone trying to wipe your mouth – and you scream bloody murder…it’s best to just wait until you’re done eating, then wipe.), and being told you can’t play with something and having it taken away.
You are unsure about:  Duke & Sassy.  Sometimes you purposely hold your hands out for them to lick you.  Other times, if they get too close, you lose your mind.  You just can’t decide about them!
You weigh 20lbs even, and it’s ALL in your thighs and cheeks!  Adorable!
  Not sure what these are 753
We love you so much, little girl.  I’d be lost without you in my world! 
Halloween 2011 006
Your first Halloween!  You were Toto, and Caroline was Dorothy!