Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy 10…er, 10 1/2 months, Amelia!

You’ve changed SO much in the last few weeks that I wanted to write it down before I forgot – thus, a 10 1/2 month post.  Smile  It wouldn’t be in true Davis Family fashion if I wasn’t 1/2 a month late. 
Not sure what these are 641
You had lots of first in the past month!  You can clap, wave bye bye, crawl on all fours instead of your super fast army crawl, pull up on EVERYTHING, eat several different textures of table food, eat a bottle without rice cereal in it (yay!), feed yourself really well, reach for people that you want to hold you, drink from a sippy cup (although it’s still not your favorite), and take steps if someone holds your hands! 
That’s a lot that happened to you in a month!  On top of all that, you have 2 teeth FINALLY coming in on the bottom, and possibly 2 more up top.  You’re pretty cranky with teething, but you could be worse! 
Girl, you are so fun at this age.  You smile all the time!  You prefer your mommy hold you at all times, but you’re getting better at letting other people try!  You’re DEFINITELY a mama’s girl.  Smile  How on EARTH are you so close to a year old?!  It totally blows my mind.  Seriously, it seems like yesterday we were flying to the hospital in a frenzy to welcome you!  Now here you are way too close to being a year old.  My, my.  Time does fly.
Fall 2011 054
You love:  Caroline playing with you, your pink polka dot blankie, your bottle, standing up, trying to take steps, Puffs, the tv remote control, anything to chew on, seeing yourself in the mirror, eating, being outstide, taking baths, splashing, and mommy holding you.
Not sure what these are 859
You dislike:  cold drinks, getting dressed, Caroline taking your toys, having to get in your carseat, being taken away from mommy by anyone other than Ms. Lois or Daddy, to be confined (crib!), having your bottle taken out of your mouth (usually it’s someone trying to wipe your mouth – and you scream bloody murder…it’s best to just wait until you’re done eating, then wipe.), and being told you can’t play with something and having it taken away.
You are unsure about:  Duke & Sassy.  Sometimes you purposely hold your hands out for them to lick you.  Other times, if they get too close, you lose your mind.  You just can’t decide about them!
You weigh 20lbs even, and it’s ALL in your thighs and cheeks!  Adorable!
  Not sure what these are 753
We love you so much, little girl.  I’d be lost without you in my world! 
Halloween 2011 006
Your first Halloween!  You were Toto, and Caroline was Dorothy!


  1. She's so cute! Can you believe our babies are about to turn ONE?

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