Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amelia is Here!

Just thought I'd give a heads up to my blog friends that I'm not friends with on Facebook! She surprised us and arrived on our anniversary! We were only 35 weeks along but she's as healthy as can be!

Amelia Harper
6lbs 8oz

I have a pretty crazy birth story to share! I'll update soon! For now mommy and baby are great and are hopefully coming home tomorrow!

Have a great week!

Monday, December 6, 2010


I realized I hadn't updated in a while so I thought I'd give a quick update on what's going on! Judd has been off of work so we've really been enjoying our time together. It's been SO wonderful to have him home...for lots of reasons! He's been such a big help with Caroline when I'm exhausted or feeling particularly lazy...which happens a lot these days. I find myself totally worn out by about 3pm every single day. I could nap for several hours every day if I had the chance! Caroline is definitely coming into the toddler stage, which is probably why I'm so tired all the time. She's really starting to get mischievous! Today she had two crackers in her hand and I couldn't figure out where they came from. She had gone into the pantry, opened the box, opened the sealed cracker package, and confiscated two crackers for herself! Smart kid! She's really starting to talk and she understands even more than she can say! We're loving hearing her talk to us!

Amelia is doing great. She's incredibly active compared to pregnancy with Caroline. She moves alllll the time. I really love to put my hands on my belly and feel her feet slide across! Pregnancy is an amazing thing! My tailbone pain seems to be getting just a little better, which is a blessing. I'm 34 weeks today and next Wednesday will be my first day to get my cervix checked. I'm anxious to see how it compares with my pregnancy with Caroline. By 35 weeks with her I was already 3cm and 50% effaced. They say every pregnancy is totally different so I'm anxious to find out! At this point, I just want her to be healthy when she makes her way into this world. I feel a little more nervous everyday about having them 16 months apart - but I'm so thrilled that they'll never remember life without each other. Sappy, huh? :)

Our anniversary is also next Wednesday. Three years with the most wonderful, patient, funny, loving man that I know! No one else could make me feel as special as he does. He's such a hard working man with such an attentive heart. He is an absolute wonderful father. Caroline lights up when he comes in the room! Above all else, he is a Christian man and leads our family. I couldn't ask for more than that! I'm so honored that God chose me for him! I love you, Judd!

I guess I'll attempt a belly picture sometime soon...but I warn you - it's not a pretty sight! ;)

Monday, November 22, 2010


Okay, I'm late posting this, but for those of you who don't know...

Enter code: MONDAY40AB for 40% off your total purchase!!!!! That's awesome, y'all! Orders of $50 or more get free shipping! ENJOY! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Favorite Things!

One of my favorite blogs, 320 Sycamore is doing a "My Favorite Things" week where she's having guest bloggers list their favorite things. I decided it sounded fun so I thought I'd list my favorite things on my blog! So here it goes! In no particular order....

I LOVE my chair (I also have the ottoman!) and as soon as I'm finished having kids, this chair is being recovered and moved to my living room. butt could sit in this chair all day and it would never complain. :) If you're looking for a nursery glider, it IS pricey - but it's totally worth every penny. These chairs are actually made by Lazy Boy so they'll last forever! Moving on...

2. Pottery Barn Simone Duvet

Last year for Christmas, Judd got me the duvet I'd wanted the entire year! I LOVE the colors in it. It's not as soft as I normally like my comforters - but I love it!

3. Nikon D40

I cannot say enough about my camera. I'm no photographer, not even amateur. But I do take pictures of Caroline, family, & random household things quite often. It takes wonderfully crisp pictures in auto mode and with some practice, even more wonderfully crisp pictures in manual mode. You can't beat the colors in your photos!

4. Blackberry Tour

My phone! I have had bad luck with phones in the past, and I've learned that on blackberry has the reliability that I need! I've had the Curve (which I loved!), the Flip (which wasn't my favorite), and now the Tour. The Tour is definitely my favorite! The full QWERTY keyboard is awesome! (The only downside is that on the older models, which I have, the roller ball doesn't actually click so you're constantly wondering if you pushed it hard enough!)

5. Diet Coke

Diet Coke from anywhere (except McDonalds....I hate theirs!) is a surefire way to put me in a better mood! Fountain ones are the best, but a super cold can diet coke poured over ice is also very refreshing!

6. My red dresser...

My mom & dad bought me that bedroom suite from a garage sale when I was moving to Starkville (GO STATE!) when Judd and I first started getting "serious." To say it was a STEAL would be a total understatement. The woman that sold it just wanted to get rid of it so she could redo her bedroom...her husband was not pumped at how much she sold it for! HA! It was painted Benjamin Moore Onyx when we moved to Cleveland, then when we moved out to the country last May, I decided I wanted it red! It adds SO much to my living room. It's my favorite piece in the room, for sure. I love decorating it with the different seasons! :)

7. Tresemme's Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

I adore this stuff. I have naturally oily hair...usually showing oil less than 24 hours after a washing. I've always been SO jealous of the people that didn't have to wash, dry, and style their hair every day. It's just too time consuming. Ha! It's like $5 in most stores and it's worth its weight in gold! :) It's also GREAT for adding volume to already washed hair. Just lift up the hair at the roots and spray! It's teasing in a bottle!

8. Crisco's recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crisco has recipes inside their cartons, and the best one in the box is this one. I use the butter flavor Crisco!

They're SO DARN GOOD. I might need some tonight...

9. DVR

We have DirecTV and DVR. DirecTV isn't necessarily a favorite, but my DVR IS! With a 1 year old (and another on the way) I can never sit and watch an entire show while it's actually playing. We record ALL of our shows, then watch them after Caroline goes to bed! It also means we can watch them days later if we just don't have time for TV some nights. Judd and I both love our DVR!

10. Nintendo Wii

We've had more family fun playing the Wii than I can count. We don't own lots of games, but when we play the ones we have, we always have a good time! MarioKart is probably our favorite. We also really like the sports games that came with the Wii like bowling and boxing. Super fun!! Also, you can download OLD TIMEY nintendo games like "Donkey Kong Country" and "Mario Brothers" and all those old faithfuls. :) Now they have the Xbox Kinect and the Playstation equivalent, but I don't know anything about them. Either way, the "get up and move" type video game thing is really fun and we love it!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite things! Feel free to play along! :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Update & Belly

I had my last ultrasound for this pregnancy on Wednesday morning. Praise God for a healthy baby! I was so relieved. I wasn't necessarily worried, but there's always that fear in the back of your mind that's preparing you for bad news. Fortunately, everything looks great! Amelia weighs approximately 3lbs 5oz, which is right on track. She's also head down, which I was pretty sure of due to the constant hiccups on my cervix (again, I'm so scientific.) We also FINALLY got a great shot in between her little legs so we know it's a girl now! HA! I was actually worried about that. Everytime we've looked, the cord has been between her legs or she's been positioned in a funny way that made it unsure. We're finally sure it's a girl!

The new tech at my doctor's office is SO sweet. She turned the 3D on the machine and looked at Amelia's face for a good 10 minutes! Seriously...the highlight of my week! I had a 3D u/s with Caroline, but Judd and I felt like that money could be better spent in other places this time. I'm so happy that the tech did that for me! It seems like I haven't really had time to get as excited this time...and seeing her sweet little face turned that whole view around! I can't wait to meet her! In the ultrasound, it really looks as if she has super chubby cheeks. Her mouth was open partly and she had her hand up by her face and wiggled her fingers throughout the whole thing. I was in paradise! :)

I'm having a lot more back pain with Amelia than I did with Caroline. Massage and heat seem to make it ease up a bit. The seat heater in my car is on even when it's 75 degrees outside just because I want the heat on my back and my butt. I know that there are just pains that come with pregnancy, but I had no idea that TAILBONE pain was one of them. I've had it for a few months, and it's officially gotten ridiculous. Hard chairs are the bain of my existence nowadays. I don't know what it feels like to break your tailbone, but it must be excruciating - because mine is just really sore and I'm so frustrated with it that I can't stand it! Ha! So to anyone who has broken their have my sympathy!

I'm going to be extremely brave and post my ACTUAL BELLY on here. I definitely feel larger this time than I did with Caroline. I feel now like I did at full term with her.

I'll be 31 weeks on Monday (which seems utterly unreal) and that just totally blows my mind. I'm nervous to be a mom to two kids under two years old! The closer it gets, the more nervous I get! More than anything though, I'm excited for Caroline and Amelia to have each other. I know I've said this a million times...but my sister keeps me sane! I hope Caroline and Amelia are as close as we are one day. :)

Well, I've put enough randomness in this post! We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of my niece Hannah! My guess is Saturday or Sunday. Judd thinks Audra will be at least 40 weeks. He's so encouraging. Whenever she gets here, we'll be so thrilled to have another little girl in the family! Y'all have a great weekend!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

50 Free Christmas Cards to Bloggers!

So I'm super pumped about my Christmas cards this year. For starters, Shutterfly is giving away 50 free cards to bloggers!! Um, I'll totally take it - especially since I was going to be getting them anyway. Last year I didn't really go for the Christmas look on my cards because we used a picture from Thanksgiving and the oranges in our picture really clashed with the red and green on the cards. I figure we'll do the same thing this year, but I'm going to pick out my favorites from all categories. I like The Family Ornaments, The Family Wall, Peppermint Bliss.

Those are my favorites...but they'll all depend on whether or not we get more than 1 good picture to put on the cards! HA! I can't believe that Christmas is around the corner. I think it's 47 days away! HOW CRAZY?! Anyway, if you want to participate in their 50 free cards (for bloggers only!) then click here!

And don't be a scrooge...Christmas is getting close!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Almost 30 Week Belly Pic!

I'll be 30 weeks on Monday! :) I'm definitely feeling bigger this pregnancy than I did last pregnancy!

29 1/2 wks with Caroline!

29 1/2 wks with Amelia!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nursery Updates!

So after my rant the other day about how I've done nothing for Amelia's room, I motivated myself enough to get something done! Judd had Tuesday off of work because it rained so much, so we spent most of the day putting stuff in the attic, taking the guest bed down, and moving furniture. When we finally moved all the "baby" furniture from Caroline's room, she wasn't left with very much! We borrowed an extra crib, so we had to swap them out and to get the white one through the doorway it had to be taken apart. Anyway...poor Amelia has a blue nursery. But the guest room was already blue, and neither of us felt like painting it. Isn't that sad? Even when I thought about painting it, I couldn't come up with a color that I liked. it is!

(We'll be using a breathable bumper for the first few months, but I've got the pretty one on there for now!)

We're hoping to build a bookcase instead of the cubby thing and it will go further down the wall. (It won't fit under the window.)

This is the bookcase we're hoping to build. The directions are on Knock Off Wood and
it would give us more space for books and knick knacks. :)

A before shot of the room. We had already taken the bed down.

Now the queen bed (which had planned to store) is in Caroline's room turned sideways, like a daybed. Her room was so bare without the chair, ottoman, diaper changer, and cubby thing that we HAD to put something in there! I'm happy though, because I really hated losing my guest bed! We're planning on adding some things to Caroline's room soon. Amelia's room still needs things on the wall and I'm covering her lampshades in a different fabric so there is still work that needs to be done in her room. But we've at least made a huge dent!

Monday, November 1, 2010


We've obviously been enjoying our time with Judd because we have now been out of town for 5 weekends in a row! Most of the trips were because we were shopping for a new car! My car was starting to feel very cramped when we traveled home so we decided to look for something with a little more trunk space. After WEEKS of searching and headaches, we finally found one! We're now the proud owners of a Ford Expedition. It has lots of cool features and when the 3rd row seat is down flat, there is a TON of storage!! The gas mileage has been even better than we expected. We're so happy with our new car!

We also went to our niece, Davis' birthday party. It was at Holley Farm in the Tupelo area. Caroline had an absolute BLAST. She played and played to her heart's content. She adored the "slide" and forced poor Judd to walk up that hill about 50 times. He got his exercise while I...umm...snapped pictures at the bottom. Hey, I'm pregnant! HA!

The birthday girl!

TIRED girl at the end of the birthday party!

Besides that, Judd has been working and getting off around can close your mouth! It's been wonderful! He's also had the last couple of Saturdays off. I haven't known what to do with myself. HA! It's been so great having him at home with us so much. They are only going to work about 2 more weeks and then they'll be off until JANUARY!!!! That's great since we haven't done one.single.thing. for this new baby girl coming into our family. We're talking, the room is still a junk room. Not painted, not even a color picked out. Nothing. I've got to get started!

I'm 29 weeks today and feeling pretty great except for this recent back and pelvis pain. Other than that, I feel great! My sweet family threw us a family baby shower and Amelia got lots of sweet outfits to call her own. She also got a BEAUTIFUL handknit baby blanket and booties made by my wonderful Deda. Such a precious keepsake. Caroline has a pink one, now Amelia has a white one with pink ribbon. SO soft and something to be cherished! Amelia got so many cute outfits!! So exciting to think that we're adding another baby to our family.

I've gotten 6 Christmas presents purchased so far...and I'm super proud of that. I'm never this far ahead! My tree is going up in 2 weeks...I do not care if it is early! Don't be a scrooge. :) Well I guess that's all the news I have!

We have our last ultrasound next Wednesday....pray for a healthy baby...preferably one that's still a girl since we just got lots more pink! ;) Have a blessed day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Little of This & That...

I'd like to tell you that my recent lapse of posts is because I've been super duper busy...but then I'd be lying to you. I really just haven't had anything post-worthy to write about, I guess. We lead such boring lives. :)

Judd finished harvest yesterday!!!! Let's all shout "YAY!" simultaneously! Oh wait, you probably couldn't care less...but I do! It's SO early to be finished already. They're starting on field work and odds and ends jobs til the end of the year, which basically means he'll be getting off a little earlier!

I'll be 26 weeks pregnant on Monday. Yeah, I'm jumping ahead of a few days, but who wants to say that they're 25 weeks and discredit all those days they've suffered?! Not me. I had my gestational diabetes test yesterday and passed by 11 points! Yay! One thing that's different with this pregnancy is the insane itching. I either have fleas or my belly is stretching too quickly. It's crazy. This little girl also moves (read=KICKS) a LOT more than Caroline ever did! She is so active. I think she's doing karate or tae bo in there! I still haven't done squat to her nursery yet - BUT I at least have some plans now! I also got a 30% off coupon for paint from Sherwin Williams so I'm thinking I'll at least be buying paint before my coupon expires.

Caroline is SO busy. She is starting to talk (thank you and ah oh are our favorites) a lot and trying to repeat what we say. She puts herself to sleep for naps and bedtime which is awesome. We tell her "night-night" and put her in her crib and she's off to sleep! Part of me misses rocking her though. She is walking EVERYWHERE. She doesn't really want you to carry her anymore, which is great on my back...but a hassle in general. HA! She's cutting more teeth (that'll be 8 in 3 months...crazy!) and they've affected us more this time than any other. I hate teething. She officially LOVES it outside, whereas a few months ago the grass scared her. If she sees her shoes, she's ready to go!

I guess that's the rundown on the fam. I wish I had more to fill you in on, but like I said, we're boring! On a happy note, CHRISTMAS is creeping upon us! My favorite time of year! I can't wait! And for Christmas''s a photo from last year's Christmas Eve...

Oh how different Caroline will look this year...AND ME TOO! I'll take up the whole picture with my belly! ;)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Free Udder Covers!

Free Udder Covers @ UdderCovers! Use the code "Family2010" and you only have to pay shipping! The covers are usually $32.00! This is a steal! :) I listed these in my "must-have baby items" post below! Go get one! They make great gifts as well!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

23 Week Picture!

The first picture is 22 weeks with Caroline. The second picture is 23 weeks with Amelia! My 23 week picture with Caroline was just of my belly, which I added, but it's hard to compare...and I'm not taking belly pictures this time. I think I'm a *little* bigger this time around but not by too much!

(23 weeks with Caroline!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Must Have Baby Items!

So, I've been thinking about a few first time pregnant friends. I thought I'd make a post on the things that I found "must-haves" but obviously I'm by no means an expert! If you think of something I'm forgetting or something you think should be added, comment so they can see it!

*Disclaimer: Obviously, my list will depend on my own personal experiences!

1. A sling of some sort. I used a Slingling and an Ergo. This was a lifesaver! Even though you hope your baby will sleep perfectly wherever you put them, they don't always fit that mold. Caroline was not a fan of being put down and sitting on the couch all day was becoming quite difficult to do when my house looked like a tornado swept through. Those are the slings I used, but there are tons of different ones out there. For this pregnancy, I'm really contemplating a Moby Wrap. :)

2. A swing. I know, I know. Tons of you will comment saying your baby hated the swing. Oh my...Caroline loved it. I got showers, sleep, meals, and my ears got a break when she was in her swing. If you want to play it safe, borrow a friend's swing for a couple weeks or get one from Craigslist. We LOVED our swing. I can't even explain! We took our swing with us on weekend trips. Not the travel swing (she hated that one) but the actual full size swing. HA! We have the Fisher Price Little Lamb Cradle Swing. I do suggest getting something with some sort of mobile thing at the top because they do eventually start looking up there and they might get bored without anything. They have some now that PLUG IN to the wall. I really wish ours did that because as much as she loved her swing, we went through batteries faster than Judd with a pack of Double Stuf Oreos...that's really fast. The size D rechargeables didn't last very long at all and really weren't worth the hassle. Anyway - you get the idea...we loved our swing.

3. A breastpump. Obviously, if you aren't planning on breastfeeding then this won't apply to you and you can skip to number 4. I have the Medela Pump In Style Advanced. It's pricey but it's worth every penny. The suction was great and it was extremely easy to use. If you are going to breastfeed, get a pump. You will want one - and at some point, you'll probably need one. Definitely read up on pumps and when/how to use them! Always remember though, no matter how great the pump is, it can never get as much out as your baby can! So don't look at your output from the pump and assume that's all your baby is getting! :)

4. Pampers Swaddlers. Oh, I can't say enough about swaddlers. They're wonderful. We had very few leaks and they are SO soft. I wish they made them in toddler size for Caroline now! You'll hear lots of diaper opinions, but my vote goes to Pampers Swaddlers. We tried several different kinds and brands but they were definitely our favorites!

5. A highchair. We have the Fisher Price Space Saver. When we had Caroline we lived in a small house and weren't planning on moving so we got a space saver high chair. We didn't have room for a full size chair so we got one that strapped to a regular chair. I'm really glad we went with that option. We really like this highchair! No, you won't use it in the beginning but you'll be using it before you know it!

6. A noisemaker. We use a cheapo fan from Walgreens. Some people buy the noise machines but we found that a fan works just as well and circulating air decreases the risk of SIDS. You may think you're being cruel by subjecting your kid to "white noise" because they may need it "forever" but I promise, you're not being cruel. With people in smallish houses, it's so hard to keep little noises from waking up the baby. Caroline could have heard my phone ring from any room in the house. Should you keep your house super duper quiet? Well no. But when you've been up for hours on end and they FINALLY fall asleep - you want to murder whoever or whatever wakes them up. So just do yourself and the baby a favor...and get something to at least drown out the mundane day to day noises. They'll sleep better...and when that do you!

7. A Boppy. I can't say enough about my Boppy Pillow. There are other brands, but I'm not sure what they are. They have the Boppy at Target with different slipcovers. I do recommend getting one with a removable slipcover because it does make it easier to clean and you can change it out with different gender babies if you plan on more than one. :) These are GREAT for nursing but even if you don't plan on breastfeeding - they are wonderful for bottle feeding. I've gone both ways and I used the Boppy for both!

8. A nursing cover. I have an Udder Cover. Yes, it's funny. It's also functional! This is another breastfeeding only item, so skip it if you're not planning on breastfeeding. One of my least favorite things about nursing is the feeling that you need to leave the room to feed your child. Should we feel that we need to do that? No. But let's be honest - whipping your breast out to feed your child makes other people squirm. So do you HAVE to cover yourself? No. Is it respectful of others? If they're uncomfortable. With a cover, you feel like you can stay in the room with your friends and family while everyone is sitting around chit chatting or watching a movie. If you try to leave the room every time you need to feed the baby you're going to spend a lot of time by yourself. I loved my cover!

9. A good nursing bra. Yeah, another nursing-only item. My favorite bra was from Motherhood Maternity and it was SO comfortable. It had built in nursing pads but I used the disposable pads instead. I think this is the bra I have. In the beginning (until your supply is well established) you'll want a bra with no underwire because they have been attributed to mastitis. I had two of these bras plus some other nursing tanks and bras. This was just my favorite one. :)

10. Zip-Up Sleepers. My favorite ones were from Kohls. Not that specific one, but just so you get the idea. :) The gowns are nice too, but Caroline's legs always came out of them and it bugged me. I know lots of people that swear by the gowns, though. The zip up sleepers were my favorite. Notice I'm not saying the BUTTON up sleepers. Those are so annoying in the middle of the night (or anytime of day, for that matter) because the baby is upset and you're trying to snap 500 snaps all the way up his/her crotch. Annoying. Go for zip ups or gowns.

11. An activity mat. We have the Fisher Price Melodies & Lights Deluxe Gym. I cannot say enough about this activity mat!! The flashing lights at the top make all the difference in the world. She LOVED the lights. It had fairly interesting toys and you could easily add your own if you wanted. My only complaint was that the mobile didn't move. It would be a lot cooler if the mobile moved, but even as it was, Caroline loved it. My nephew Drew also had this activity mat and loved it! HUGE hit! :)

Well, those are my top 11 that come straight to mind. PLEASE leave a comment if you think of something I don't have that you REALLY appreciated!

Living Room Before & Afters!

Living room Before. Where the wall is sitting is where the couch will be sitting in a minute! ;)

Above is the other side of the wall. (The brick is the wall knocked down!)

Above is where the TV will be sitting in a minute. ;)

Wall knocked down. I'm standing at the front door looking towards the living room. :)


Look in the middle of the wall. See the "fold" in the wall? That's where the wall was knocked down. It was a brick wall on one side and paneling on the other. It opened up the room tremendously by knocking it down!

Where the couch is sitting is where the wall used to be!

This dresser was in our master bedroom in our other house. We had painted it a bluish/black color and I repainted it red and got the mirrors and lamps from Kirkland's!

That's my Papaw's Bible. :)

So happy with it!