Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nursery Updates!

So after my rant the other day about how I've done nothing for Amelia's room, I motivated myself enough to get something done! Judd had Tuesday off of work because it rained so much, so we spent most of the day putting stuff in the attic, taking the guest bed down, and moving furniture. When we finally moved all the "baby" furniture from Caroline's room, she wasn't left with very much! We borrowed an extra crib, so we had to swap them out and to get the white one through the doorway it had to be taken apart. Anyway...poor Amelia has a blue nursery. But the guest room was already blue, and neither of us felt like painting it. Isn't that sad? Even when I thought about painting it, I couldn't come up with a color that I liked. it is!

(We'll be using a breathable bumper for the first few months, but I've got the pretty one on there for now!)

We're hoping to build a bookcase instead of the cubby thing and it will go further down the wall. (It won't fit under the window.)

This is the bookcase we're hoping to build. The directions are on Knock Off Wood and
it would give us more space for books and knick knacks. :)

A before shot of the room. We had already taken the bed down.

Now the queen bed (which had planned to store) is in Caroline's room turned sideways, like a daybed. Her room was so bare without the chair, ottoman, diaper changer, and cubby thing that we HAD to put something in there! I'm happy though, because I really hated losing my guest bed! We're planning on adding some things to Caroline's room soon. Amelia's room still needs things on the wall and I'm covering her lampshades in a different fabric so there is still work that needs to be done in her room. But we've at least made a huge dent!


  1. I love the blue! Light blue is one of my favorite colors on my girls.

  2. Thanks, Lori! We're adding lots of pink and green accents to give it some girly touches but I think the blue actually turned out looking okay! :) Thank you!

  3. i really like the blue walls. i think it is really unique and looks great with the pink bedding. i've always liked the idea of blue walls for a girls room.

  4. the blue looks good! Then you've got the touches of pink, it looks fantastic!

  5. Thanks for following along with my blog. I'm so happy to be seeing more and more people I know. I'm following you back! I love the blue in the nursery ! congrats on baby #2