Monday, November 1, 2010


We've obviously been enjoying our time with Judd because we have now been out of town for 5 weekends in a row! Most of the trips were because we were shopping for a new car! My car was starting to feel very cramped when we traveled home so we decided to look for something with a little more trunk space. After WEEKS of searching and headaches, we finally found one! We're now the proud owners of a Ford Expedition. It has lots of cool features and when the 3rd row seat is down flat, there is a TON of storage!! The gas mileage has been even better than we expected. We're so happy with our new car!

We also went to our niece, Davis' birthday party. It was at Holley Farm in the Tupelo area. Caroline had an absolute BLAST. She played and played to her heart's content. She adored the "slide" and forced poor Judd to walk up that hill about 50 times. He got his exercise while I...umm...snapped pictures at the bottom. Hey, I'm pregnant! HA!

The birthday girl!

TIRED girl at the end of the birthday party!

Besides that, Judd has been working and getting off around can close your mouth! It's been wonderful! He's also had the last couple of Saturdays off. I haven't known what to do with myself. HA! It's been so great having him at home with us so much. They are only going to work about 2 more weeks and then they'll be off until JANUARY!!!! That's great since we haven't done one.single.thing. for this new baby girl coming into our family. We're talking, the room is still a junk room. Not painted, not even a color picked out. Nothing. I've got to get started!

I'm 29 weeks today and feeling pretty great except for this recent back and pelvis pain. Other than that, I feel great! My sweet family threw us a family baby shower and Amelia got lots of sweet outfits to call her own. She also got a BEAUTIFUL handknit baby blanket and booties made by my wonderful Deda. Such a precious keepsake. Caroline has a pink one, now Amelia has a white one with pink ribbon. SO soft and something to be cherished! Amelia got so many cute outfits!! So exciting to think that we're adding another baby to our family.

I've gotten 6 Christmas presents purchased so far...and I'm super proud of that. I'm never this far ahead! My tree is going up in 2 weeks...I do not care if it is early! Don't be a scrooge. :) Well I guess that's all the news I have!

We have our last ultrasound next Wednesday....pray for a healthy baby...preferably one that's still a girl since we just got lots more pink! ;) Have a blessed day!


  1. Looks like fun! And I'm with you, I want my tree up NOW!!! Bring on the winter holiday's

  2. love the new ride! My hubs and I just bought a black one in July, we LOVE it! Though we don't love the gas mileage.... Like the pics!