Friday, November 12, 2010

Update & Belly

I had my last ultrasound for this pregnancy on Wednesday morning. Praise God for a healthy baby! I was so relieved. I wasn't necessarily worried, but there's always that fear in the back of your mind that's preparing you for bad news. Fortunately, everything looks great! Amelia weighs approximately 3lbs 5oz, which is right on track. She's also head down, which I was pretty sure of due to the constant hiccups on my cervix (again, I'm so scientific.) We also FINALLY got a great shot in between her little legs so we know it's a girl now! HA! I was actually worried about that. Everytime we've looked, the cord has been between her legs or she's been positioned in a funny way that made it unsure. We're finally sure it's a girl!

The new tech at my doctor's office is SO sweet. She turned the 3D on the machine and looked at Amelia's face for a good 10 minutes! Seriously...the highlight of my week! I had a 3D u/s with Caroline, but Judd and I felt like that money could be better spent in other places this time. I'm so happy that the tech did that for me! It seems like I haven't really had time to get as excited this time...and seeing her sweet little face turned that whole view around! I can't wait to meet her! In the ultrasound, it really looks as if she has super chubby cheeks. Her mouth was open partly and she had her hand up by her face and wiggled her fingers throughout the whole thing. I was in paradise! :)

I'm having a lot more back pain with Amelia than I did with Caroline. Massage and heat seem to make it ease up a bit. The seat heater in my car is on even when it's 75 degrees outside just because I want the heat on my back and my butt. I know that there are just pains that come with pregnancy, but I had no idea that TAILBONE pain was one of them. I've had it for a few months, and it's officially gotten ridiculous. Hard chairs are the bain of my existence nowadays. I don't know what it feels like to break your tailbone, but it must be excruciating - because mine is just really sore and I'm so frustrated with it that I can't stand it! Ha! So to anyone who has broken their have my sympathy!

I'm going to be extremely brave and post my ACTUAL BELLY on here. I definitely feel larger this time than I did with Caroline. I feel now like I did at full term with her.

I'll be 31 weeks on Monday (which seems utterly unreal) and that just totally blows my mind. I'm nervous to be a mom to two kids under two years old! The closer it gets, the more nervous I get! More than anything though, I'm excited for Caroline and Amelia to have each other. I know I've said this a million times...but my sister keeps me sane! I hope Caroline and Amelia are as close as we are one day. :)

Well, I've put enough randomness in this post! We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of my niece Hannah! My guess is Saturday or Sunday. Judd thinks Audra will be at least 40 weeks. He's so encouraging. Whenever she gets here, we'll be so thrilled to have another little girl in the family! Y'all have a great weekend!!


  1. I am having really bad lower back pain too :(

  2. You look great! And I'm excited for C and Amelia as well. :) They are two blessed little girls to be so close in age! :)

    And I hope Judd is wrong. Very, very wrong.

  3. We are getting close! I hope that your tailbone pain goes away after giving birth; I'll be honest, mine never did- and I've had it ever since I was pregnant with Cameron. It's never gone away. =( For that reason, I love my seat heaters too!!

  4. Oh Leslie...I hate that. I really almost cried when I read that. Maybe we'll both get lucky and it will go away after this baby! HA!