Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Favorite Things!

One of my favorite blogs, 320 Sycamore is doing a "My Favorite Things" week where she's having guest bloggers list their favorite things. I decided it sounded fun so I thought I'd list my favorite things on my blog! So here it goes! In no particular order....

I LOVE my chair (I also have the ottoman!) and as soon as I'm finished having kids, this chair is being recovered and moved to my living room. butt could sit in this chair all day and it would never complain. :) If you're looking for a nursery glider, it IS pricey - but it's totally worth every penny. These chairs are actually made by Lazy Boy so they'll last forever! Moving on...

2. Pottery Barn Simone Duvet

Last year for Christmas, Judd got me the duvet I'd wanted the entire year! I LOVE the colors in it. It's not as soft as I normally like my comforters - but I love it!

3. Nikon D40

I cannot say enough about my camera. I'm no photographer, not even amateur. But I do take pictures of Caroline, family, & random household things quite often. It takes wonderfully crisp pictures in auto mode and with some practice, even more wonderfully crisp pictures in manual mode. You can't beat the colors in your photos!

4. Blackberry Tour

My phone! I have had bad luck with phones in the past, and I've learned that on blackberry has the reliability that I need! I've had the Curve (which I loved!), the Flip (which wasn't my favorite), and now the Tour. The Tour is definitely my favorite! The full QWERTY keyboard is awesome! (The only downside is that on the older models, which I have, the roller ball doesn't actually click so you're constantly wondering if you pushed it hard enough!)

5. Diet Coke

Diet Coke from anywhere (except McDonalds....I hate theirs!) is a surefire way to put me in a better mood! Fountain ones are the best, but a super cold can diet coke poured over ice is also very refreshing!

6. My red dresser...

My mom & dad bought me that bedroom suite from a garage sale when I was moving to Starkville (GO STATE!) when Judd and I first started getting "serious." To say it was a STEAL would be a total understatement. The woman that sold it just wanted to get rid of it so she could redo her bedroom...her husband was not pumped at how much she sold it for! HA! It was painted Benjamin Moore Onyx when we moved to Cleveland, then when we moved out to the country last May, I decided I wanted it red! It adds SO much to my living room. It's my favorite piece in the room, for sure. I love decorating it with the different seasons! :)

7. Tresemme's Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

I adore this stuff. I have naturally oily hair...usually showing oil less than 24 hours after a washing. I've always been SO jealous of the people that didn't have to wash, dry, and style their hair every day. It's just too time consuming. Ha! It's like $5 in most stores and it's worth its weight in gold! :) It's also GREAT for adding volume to already washed hair. Just lift up the hair at the roots and spray! It's teasing in a bottle!

8. Crisco's recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies

Crisco has recipes inside their cartons, and the best one in the box is this one. I use the butter flavor Crisco!

They're SO DARN GOOD. I might need some tonight...

9. DVR

We have DirecTV and DVR. DirecTV isn't necessarily a favorite, but my DVR IS! With a 1 year old (and another on the way) I can never sit and watch an entire show while it's actually playing. We record ALL of our shows, then watch them after Caroline goes to bed! It also means we can watch them days later if we just don't have time for TV some nights. Judd and I both love our DVR!

10. Nintendo Wii

We've had more family fun playing the Wii than I can count. We don't own lots of games, but when we play the ones we have, we always have a good time! MarioKart is probably our favorite. We also really like the sports games that came with the Wii like bowling and boxing. Super fun!! Also, you can download OLD TIMEY nintendo games like "Donkey Kong Country" and "Mario Brothers" and all those old faithfuls. :) Now they have the Xbox Kinect and the Playstation equivalent, but I don't know anything about them. Either way, the "get up and move" type video game thing is really fun and we love it!

Hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite things! Feel free to play along! :)


  1. thats a great list...I am going to have to go get me some of that dry shampoo!

  2. thanks for the suggestion on the glider--I am searching for a good one for the new nursery.

    and we love our TIVO too! we never watch TV until after Jackson is in bed and then it is all recorded stuff. best invention ever!

  3. LOVE your favorite things! Love the dresser, and absolutely love that mirror! I'm a DVR freak myself, can't get enough of it. And that chair is fantastic!