Saturday, March 26, 2011

Facebook Giveaway!

Squiggle Stitch is doing another giveaway!  We need to reach 150 fans (only 15 more to go!) and we’ll get started!  Go suggest Squiggle Stitch to your friends!!  Smile

Thursday, March 24, 2011


So Judd has built me a cabinet to hold all of my blank t-shirts for Squiggle Stitch.  Unfortunately, I was outside trying to paint it and the wind was blowing so hard that my paint was drying too quickly and some of it was blowing off my roller and into my face! I’m sure it would have been a funny sight to see…especially when a wasp got after me and I was running around the yard looking totally CRAZY.  So needless to say, we put down a tarp in the playroom and it’s being painted in there.  The fumes are SO awful that Caroline can’t go in there.  So a lot of her toys have been moved to the living room.  She is not too thrilled about this arrangement.  Honestly, I’m not too thrilled either!  I want her to have her room back! Ha!  Hopefully tomorrow she can go back in there!
I’ve been getting a lot of shirts done in the last week and I have to say, I’m proud of them!  It is so fun putting the fabrics together and coordinating them with the thread.  I love doing it!  I’m so happy that I’ve found something that I can enjoy doing while making a little extra money for our family.  I never dreamed that the idea of Squiggle Stitch would take off like it did!  I have a book that I keep all my orders in and I’m constantly amazed at how quickly a page gets filled.  It’s certainly a blessing!  Thank you to everyone who has ordered something! 
Judd has started the long hours.  Boo.  It hurts me to think this will be our life until November-ish.  *sigh*  Such is the life of a farmer!  My friends Mcleod and Morgan both have farming husbands so hopefully we’ll all spend some time together while they’re out working their tails off.  Mcleod and her husband, Jason, just moved back here from Texas with their little girl, Nora.  Nora is just a few weeks younger than Amelia!  It will be fun to watch them grow up together! 
Well – that’s pretty much all I have going on right now!  I thought I’d leave with some pictures of new designs that I have to offer!  Smile  Gotta throw a shamless plug in here somewhere, right?  Winking smile  If you'd like to see all of my design options, Click Here!
Aren’t those cute?! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Facebook Etiquette!

My sister recently posted something on Facebook that really got me thinking.  I thought I’d share the link with you all.  (Obviously, it’s about Facebook!)

Click Here

I already went a deleted some pictures from Facebook from YEARS ago that I felt were inappropriate.  But I’m also thinking of doing a little spring cleaning on my friend list.  There are SO many people on my “friend” list that use HORRIBLE language and posts statuses that would make Lady Gaga blush. 

Also – while I’m on my soapbox – Let’s discuss having arguments on Facebook.  Let’s all just stop doing that.  I am SO tired of seeing arguments going on on a Facebook status update or wall post.  It’s ridiculous.  If you need to talk to someone about something they’ve written please just call them.  Hashing things out over Facebook is just not a good idea.  Speaking of writing things that make people want to call you – don’t do that either.  Don’t complain about our President just to purposely start a debate.  It’s pointless.  No one’s mind will be changed from a Facebook argument.  Kindness goes a long way.  Keep Facebook lighthearted, people.  It’s fine to post little tidbits about your day, cute quotes, etc. etc.  But I am SO tired of reading people talk about how they just went and had sex with their boyfriend on the side of the road (yep…I actually read that...defriend)  It’s totally inappropriate. 

I’m the world’s worst about complaining on Facebook.  I have to admit that I have posted complaints about Amelia’s reflux and constant screaming as status updates.  But honestly – no one wants to read about my complaints.  Instead, I’m going to try to leave positive comments.  If nothing else, I’ll ask for prayers for her while she struggles with this.  That will do much more good than simply complaining.  Smile Thanks for reading my rant.

Just to keep this post happy --


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finished Shirts!


(I LOVE these ruffled onesies!  So cute!)



All of those shirts led to this pile to go out soon!  Yay!!  I’ve gotten lots of work done in the last couple of days!


Keep Squiggle Stitch in mind if you’re looking for something special!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Home!

We went to visit my family this past weekend and had a blast!  Caroline & Drew played all day Saturday together.  They’ve been so sweet to each other!


                        They both really loved this ball….


Then it got kicked into the water and this is the face I got!


So Judd came to the rescue and got it out of the water!


This girl was POOPED!  She fell asleep watching Elmo!


Sweet cousins!  Only 4 weeks apart!


All in all, we had an excellent weekend!  Traveling with 2 babies is VERY different than traveling with 1.  There is just SO MUCH STUFF to pack.  This weekend was well worth it, though!  Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!