Monday, March 21, 2011

Facebook Etiquette!

My sister recently posted something on Facebook that really got me thinking.  I thought I’d share the link with you all.  (Obviously, it’s about Facebook!)

Click Here

I already went a deleted some pictures from Facebook from YEARS ago that I felt were inappropriate.  But I’m also thinking of doing a little spring cleaning on my friend list.  There are SO many people on my “friend” list that use HORRIBLE language and posts statuses that would make Lady Gaga blush. 

Also – while I’m on my soapbox – Let’s discuss having arguments on Facebook.  Let’s all just stop doing that.  I am SO tired of seeing arguments going on on a Facebook status update or wall post.  It’s ridiculous.  If you need to talk to someone about something they’ve written please just call them.  Hashing things out over Facebook is just not a good idea.  Speaking of writing things that make people want to call you – don’t do that either.  Don’t complain about our President just to purposely start a debate.  It’s pointless.  No one’s mind will be changed from a Facebook argument.  Kindness goes a long way.  Keep Facebook lighthearted, people.  It’s fine to post little tidbits about your day, cute quotes, etc. etc.  But I am SO tired of reading people talk about how they just went and had sex with their boyfriend on the side of the road (yep…I actually read that...defriend)  It’s totally inappropriate. 

I’m the world’s worst about complaining on Facebook.  I have to admit that I have posted complaints about Amelia’s reflux and constant screaming as status updates.  But honestly – no one wants to read about my complaints.  Instead, I’m going to try to leave positive comments.  If nothing else, I’ll ask for prayers for her while she struggles with this.  That will do much more good than simply complaining.  Smile Thanks for reading my rant.

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  1. I love this. I am always torn about FB in general because I see a lot of negative--but I also keep up with a lot of positive friends so hate to give it all up. I rarely post comments about my life (or even on others pages) for this very reason--you just never know how people will respond and I want to be seen for who I truly am, not misrepresented by a bad choice of words on my part! Thanks for posting this because it helps to remind us all to keep a positive attitude:)

  2. Thank you for passing this along!! Something I needed to see your blog layout also, super cute!


  3. I totally agree with everything you've written here! I decided to clean up my friend list a few weeks ago because I was so tired of the foul language and inappropriate pictures popping up. I like to use Facebook to keep up with high school, college, and optometry school friends, but I can definitely do without the drama!

  4. Amen!! And I love the article you posted. I'll be following that blog now. :)

  5. i love this very much. i've seen some stuff also lately that i just dont want in my brain. i def. need to do a spring clean!

    p.s. LOVE the new layout! i don't comment very much but i read often!

  6. this is exactly why i took a fb break! it was driving me nuts. i got SOOO tired of constant complaining, whining, inappropriate comments, etc. It was driving me nuts! i felt in a bad or irritated mood everytime i got on. so many people constantly complain about their husbands & kids-my opinion don't get married or have kids if you don't want the responsibility. when i reactivate my account i'm gonna do some major cleaning out of friends. love your new design & congrats on the business going well. i've got my machine & most supplies, next i just need to figure out how to work it!!!