Thursday, August 21, 2008

I have almost survived a full week.

I can't believe it. Tomorrow we have some ridiculous math seminar ALL. DAY. LONG. 9am-5pm...what a terrible day it will be. BUT - on the bright side, it'll be Friday. This was certainly an overwhelming week. Lots and LOTS of reading and trying to adjust. Our class has 35 people in it. One week down, 116 to go. lol. They gave us a schedule for this entire semester. It is PACKED. I'm pretty sure Tuesday nights and Wednesdays will be my least favorite this semester. Tuesday mornings we'll have class from 9am-12pm. Then from 2pm-6pm we go to the Nursing Homes (1 in Clarksdale, 1 in Cleveland, and 2 in Greenville...we'll each be assigned to one of them) and evaluate our patient. Then Wednesday morning we have to be at the Nursing Home by 6:30am. If I get assigned the one in Greenville or Clarksdale, I'll have to leave the house no later than 5:15am every morning. Ohhhh...those Strangebrew Coffeehouse days are all coming back to me!

Well, I didn't get much sleep (again!) last night - so I'm off to take a MUCH needed nap. Then it's off to study! :)

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