Wednesday, March 11, 2009

13 weeks!

I haven't taken the picture yet, I'll edit the post and put the picture in after church. :)


The chances of something happening to the baby now are much more slim than they were. I'm rejoicing for that! I still try to find the heartbeat at least 4 times a week. It's reassuring to hear it after a few days. I also like to see where the little booger is hiding. Sometimes it's right up by my bellybutton. Other times it's down by my pubic bone. S/he's definitely a wiggler, too. When I find the heartbeat, s/he usually swims over where I can't find him anymore. But that's okay - I just need to hear the sound.

So, 13 weeks. Exciting. So many things happen in this trimester. We'll find out the sex, hopefully feel some kicking, register, paint the nursery many things! But for now, let me tell you what the babe is up to this week.

13 weeks

  • Baby now has bones! (They're still forming and will continue, but s/he at least has some!)
  • If baby is a girl, she already has 2-3 million eggs in her ovaries. So I'd really be carrying my child, and half my child's children. Interesting, huh?
  • Now has his or her own unique fingerprint, completely patterned.
  • His/Her body will start catching up with the head in the coming weeks. Judd will be happy about that since at our ultrasound his first comment was, "Its head is HUGE."
  • Baby weighs almost an ounce.
  • Still can't feel kicks yet, but I'm positive I have a squirmy one on my hands. (Or, in my uterus right now.) :)

That's about all baby is up to this week. Next week will be more interesting...I peeked ahead to see what would be going on!

In news about ME: I feel great! With the exception of some killer headaches that randomly pop up, I haven't felt this great since before I was pregnant! It's fantastic! My energy is up, I'm rarely nauseous, I'm controlling my mood swings a little better (Judd is rejoicing!), and overall I feel really optimistic about everything.

Since the weather has been so wonderful lately, I've been taking Susie for walks in the neighborhood and playing with her in the afternoons. She really seems to enjoy it and it's good for both of us! Then, sometimes at night (like last night) Judd will come home and we'll play with her and walk her again. Yesterday I walked almost 3 miles. I was quite happy with myself. We just walk through our neighborhood, into Joey's neighborhood, then through Delta State's campus and back to the house. It feels good now that I finally have the energy to do things.

One problem that isn't going away is finding food that sounds good. Even things that before pregnancy would've had my mouth watering don't sound good sometimes. Some nights I sit and go through every food I can think of without ever finding anything that sounds good...then I just eat something that I didn't really want. But Judd has been so good to me about my picky food choices. I'll ask him what he wants and instead of being honest, he'll go through a list of things that he thinks might sound good to me. Sweet, isn't he?

Speaking of food, food has NEVER tasted so good to me. (Well, except maybe after a week at camp or in Panama.) I literally sit and savor every single bite..especially if it's something that I was REALLY craving. I've slightly turned into the cliche pregnant woman with eating pickles...but not just any pickles. My preferences are the Bread and Butter, or the Kosher Claussen Dill Spears. Yes, I'm THAT picky...but if you're really my friend you knew that already.

Last night I was thinking about the upcoming weeks and how quickly they'll go by. SO much will be happening in the next month or two. It's kind of scary and exciting at the same time. I hope you've enjoyed my blabbing because I think I'm all out of stuff to say. :) I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! YAY for 2nd Trimester!!!


  1. Yay! Welcome to the 2nd trimester! So much will happen now and your pregnancy will go by so much more quickly! Can't wait to see how much your belly has grown!