Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One of "those days"

Ya know that kind of day when you wish you had never gotten out of bed? That's the kind of day I'm having today. Just tons of little things going wrong..ya know? Nothing earth-shattering or life changing...just lots of little things. I've successfully made my ankle swell by dropping a can directly on it. Now I'm sitting on the couch with my foot propped on my ottoman with ice on my ankle. Someone (probably myself) didn't put the lid on the non-stick spray back on all the way - so when I picked it up by the lid, it came crashing down on my ankle. Don't ask me how such a small can could make such an effect on my ankle...but it has. Little things like this have continued to happen through the day and my hormones aren't allowing me to shrug them off, I guess.

In other news, have you noticed that in ONE MONTH I will be halfway finished with pregnancy?! Time is absolutely flying by. I've had moments where I thought I may have felt a flutter, and one time when I actually saw my stomach move with 3 big (what felt like) kicks right below my bellybutton. The educated side of me wants to say that it's highly unlikely that it was baby already kicking full force, but seriously - I watched my stomach rise up and fall 3 times. If it was the baby, s/he hasn't done it again since. So now I'm waiting for it to happen again so I can decide if it was really baby last week or not. I hope it was. I'm ready to feel something.

So, I'm in Leah's wedding in May, right? Well, I bought my dress before I found out I was pregnant (it was from a regular store so it wouldn't be there for long.) Unfortunately, as my belly grows, the dress gets shorter (it's a knee-length dress) and as other parts of my body grow - "they" no longer fit in the dress either. Of course with my luck, the dress was discontinued months ago. I called customer service and let me say the woman that helped me deserves a raise. She called ALL of their stores in the U.S. before she finally found ONE store that still had two dresses left. One was a size 10, the other a size 14. My original dress that I had was a size 6 but I sent it back to give the "girls" some extra room and got an 8. The 8 BARELY zips as it is and I'll be 21.5 weeks at Leah's wedding. So - size 14, here I come! I figure it will be easier to remove fabric than it would be to add fabric to this dress. So - wish me luck! I was super happy that the dress was on sale though (since I already own one) and I got it for $64! It was originally $178 so I felt very blessed that I didn't have to buy it twice full price. I guess I'll sell the other one on ebay.

My rambling is even getting on my own nerves so I'm going to quit now! I'll update tomorrow with a 16week picture! Hope everyone has a better day that I'm having! :)

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  1. Robin says not to sell it just yet - she might need to trade you her 6 for your 8 ;)