Thursday, October 1, 2009

1 Month Old Today!

Sweet Girl,

You are 1 month old today. I cannot believe you have already been around for a month! Daddy and I are loving every minute with you! There is one thing I can say about you with love being held! You are completely content when someone is holding you! You sleep pretty good at night these days, which makes Mommy very happy! You love your paci, and we're very glad of that! You love to eat and sleep, obviously.
Sometimes (when you don't mind being put down, that is) you like to sit in your swing and you just recently became interested in the mobile attached to it. You like your bouncy chair, especially when you have pesky gas...which is pretty much all the time. You really don't seem to like your play mat yet, but I have hopes for the future! Riding works wonders for calming you down. Our favorite time with you is when you first wake up and smile for our kisses! Your personality grows everyday. You're also quite the talker. You talk when you eat, sleep, or just sit! I love your little noises. You have Daddy's nose, and Mommy's fingers and toes...we can't really tell about anything else yet.
We love you so much. I can't even remember whatlife was like without you...and I'm perfectly happy with that!




  1. What a sweetie! Really, soak in every minute!!

  2. She is so precious!

    Kevin P's mom (Drew's grammy)