Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun in the Snow

Well we’ve officially had more snow this year than we have in 10 years past.  HA!  We got about 5 inches or so yesterday and of course Judd had to take Caroline out to play in it!  So runny nose and all, outside we went.  She mainly thinks it’s fun to just walk around in it.  She doesn’t do anything except walk and make tracks, but she finds that fun! 



Then she spotted the Barbie Jeep from across the yard…


She had a blast.  The wind was blowing pretty hard though and it was really cold wind so we couldn’t stay outside long.  My face actually got chapped!  It’s not a pretty sight! 

In other news, Amelia is…..still screaming.  The kid just has issues, folks.  She is starting to wake up a lot more now.  I actually pulled out the camera during her bath last night (and she was CALM!!) and took some pictures!



I even caught a tiny little smile!  I took some more of her after we played in the snow this morning (she didn’t play in the snow, obviously.)




All in all, we’ve had a great day already!  Smile  I have some kind of exciting (to me at least) news that I’m hoping to share soon…and NO…I am NOT pregnant and we’re not moving.  Ha!  So now you can sit back and wonder what else it could be!!  Winking smile

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