Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reflux is the Devil!

Yesterday I finally had enough of Amelia’s crazy amount of spit up and started researching Infant Acid Reflux.  A lot of the “signs and symptoms” that were listed described my baby down to the letter!  After a facebook consultation on my status, I finally made an appointment at the pediatrician’s office. 
Turns out, I was right.  The poor girl has a “really bad case of acid reflux and a touch of colic.”  Since I’m strictly breastfeeding, thickening her feeds isn’t really an option.  She’s definitely not a “happy spitter” so something had to be done.  So my sweet little 8 week old is now on Zantac.  We’re praying it will help!  Looking back I realize that she had so many classic symptoms of reflux (that I knew about!) and just didn’t put everything together.  It makes me sick to my stomach that I could’ve taken her to the doctor sooner but didn’t catch it earlier.  She spits up 4-5 times after each feeding.  It was only 2-3 times until the past few days and she’s started spitting up even more…sometimes projectile.  She also grunts in a really deep, low growl a LOT – which I realize now is her voice being hoarse from the acid burning her throat.  Sad smile  How pitiful is that?  She didn’t always arch her back but I’m noticing her doing it more and more now.  It like she stays balled up all the time to keep her back at an arch.  She ALWAYS wants to be held.  Not like a whiny, “please hold me” type want.  It’s like a “HOLD ME!!!!!!!!!” type want.  The kid cannot get comfortable.  If she’s awake, she’s unhappy.  Even if she isn’t crying, you’d have a tough time getting this girl to smile.  She’s 8 weeks old and has smiled (while awake) 3 times.  Just three.  And the screaming came within a minute of each smile.  I SO hope that if this Zantac kicks in that she’ll be a more content baby.  I hate the fact that she’s unhappy because she hurts.  It hurts me to know that she’s hurting so badly.  She also does a lot of choking and gagging.  She gags SO easily – and if she gags, spit up is likely to follow.  Anyway, if your child is experiencing symptoms like this, go to the doctor!  We’re also trying home remedies like propping her after each feeding, trying to feed her in a sitting up position, not placing her on her back, etc. 
Hopefully she can get some relief.  She does have colic issues as well (*sigh*) but we’ve got something to help her with that, too. 
So if you think about it tonight, say a prayer for my sweet Amelia!  Hopefully if all of this gets cleared up, I’ll be able to blog a little more.  Right now my hands are pretty full!


  1. Good Luck! My daughter was diagnosed at 2 months and we had a horrible time with it! Formula looked like a cement mix in her bottle (water, powdered formula, prune juice, and a lot of cereal) plus she took prevacid each morning. She just turned 2 and is still on the prevacid and we have to limit the amount of acidic foods (mainly spaghetti sauce) and she can't have any red or orange juice...some reason it gives her major reflux! Good luck! We will keep you in our prayers!

  2. Ava had reflux also. I switched from breastfeeding to pumping wo we could make the milk thicker and I had to cut out acidic foods oranges, anything italian and most milk based things. It seemed to help alot. Ive also heard of chiropracy being really good for reflux we never had to go that far but it is an option and I have heard wonderious things about it!

  3. praying for you & Amelia. i completely understand what you are going through!! it was terrible terrible terrible for Jovie. but she got over it & so will Amelia. hang in there friend!!!

  4. good luck! I really hope that the Zantac works, both for your sake and your little girls!

  5. Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa (ninjiom-hk.cwahi.net) may be another solution to hoarse and sore throat. i know a lot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious sore or hoarse throat. Hope you are getting well soon!!!