Saturday, October 4, 2008


5 Things About My Husband:

1. Judd actually, truly, sincerely LOVES his dog. Don't let him fool you into thinking he just likes her...he LOVES her.

2. Judd can't stand organically grown food. If you ever get him started, he'll lecture for hours. Just don't do it. lol.

3. Judd can sleep ANYWHERE. I mean it. On a hardwood floor, in the bathtub, on a step, in the grass, probably even in an ant bed. He has no problem falling asleep or staying asleep! I'm jealous!

4. Judd loves gadgets. His "pocket light," his temperature gauge that goes inside that takes the temp. OUTSIDE, computers, pda's, etc. He loves gadgets.

5. Judd loves his wonderful future R.N. wife. :)

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