Friday, January 16, 2009

Blog? What Blog?

Sorry about the lack of posts. I guess I've been finding myself doing tons of other things. We haven't been up to much lately. Judd is working again (sad!) which takes up a lot of his time. He gets home at decent times though, which is nice! Last night, he had flowers in his hand...isn't that sweet?!

So God loves to play cruel jokes on people like me who are helpless when it comes to hurt animals. He knows I won't leave it there, but He also knows I don't know how to fix it! Yesterday as I was walking to my car in my garage, a heard a rustling noise. I looked down and a squirrel was cuddled up in some leaves in our carport. I kept thinking, "Surely he'll move when I make a noise." and I would make a loud noise and all he did was jump. He didn't run or even bother to look at me. That's when I noticed. His head was covered in blood. Ugh. WHY ME?! HOW DO THE ANIMALS KNOW?! So of course I called Judd who also seems to be getting a soft spot of animals...especially squirrels because there was a squirrel one time that really meant a lot to Judd when he lived in Starkville. So he tells me to scoop it into a box and put it in the shed and he'll either bury it when he gets home or put it out of it's misery. Well I was afraid this thing was going to bite me and I'd need rabies shots in my stomach for the next forever. So I used a broom. He kinda wobbled himself in there and I put him in the shed away from the kitty that was stalking him like prey. Judd came home later and decided he'd been hit by a car. I want you to listen to this and then you'll know why I married Judd. He then put on thick gloves, got some neosporin, and doctored this squirrel's head. He then got a heat lamp and put some leaves in the box with the squirrel so he would stay warm tonight. I haven't been out there to look at the squirrel today because it's got to be 15 degrees outside. How sweet is my husband? :)

Maybe some pictures of squirrel later. :)

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