Thursday, July 1, 2010

8 & 9 Months

I drafted the 8 month post way back when we were in the middle of moving and never even finished it. So I'll just give you what I had for it!

Eight months?! Where has the time gone my sweet girl? You are crawling all over the place! We'll be moving soon and I'm so happy because you'll have so much more space to crawl around. You've finally figured out to dump your toys out of the basket in the living room. It's so cute! Your eyes get huge when they all spill out around you. You still act like you're choking if someone feeds you something other than baby food or formula. It can get a little embarrassing! I know you're just overreacting to the texture of your food - but other people think the gagging means you're choking. It's surely something to behold! You pull up every now and then - but you don't like sitting back down because you fall on your booty kinda hard! You still say "da-da" like it's your job. You're so funny little girl.

(That was the end of my 8 month post.) I guess I still hit the big highlights!

9 Months: (Also drafted, but was waiting on pictures!)

Hallelujah! You are finally eating some solid food. Your Granna started giving you yogurt melts (that I had tried numerous times!) and you finally started chewing them. Guess you needed her magic touch! You've started recognizing people that you see regularly. Your face lights up when you realize you know them. It blows my mind that you're 9 months old. We just think you're the cutest thing ever! It's hard to see that little newborn baby in you. I see those pictures and can't believe how big you are now! You're holding steady at 22lbs. You've been at 22lbs for about a month now. I think all the crawling burns off your calories! You're in your 9 month clothing but it's definitely tight in some places.

You pull up on EVERYTHING. Absolutely everything. You're always standing up in your crib when I come in. Your napping is finally getting better. You're taking at least 1 hr nap in the morning and another at least 1hr nap in the afternoons. Sometimes I think I could take you down to just one nap, but when I attempt it's terrible! You're just not ready! You amaze so many people with the way you'll play with one toy for an hour. Actually, you'll play with a plastic hanger or piece of paper for an hour! Supposedly your daddy was the same way! Your new favorite food is Jello pudding or Jello gelatin. I only get you the sugarfree because I can't stand to give you that much sugar. Girl, when you are something. If I don't get the food to your mouth quickly enough you scream at me! And you sure do love to eat! You crack me up! It doesn't matter when you last ate, if someone offers you food - you're all over it!

This post was waiting on the pictures, which I will add later on today (hopefully) assuming the internet continues to function properly. I won't be able to add many, but at least a couple! I had to go ahead and publish this or I was never going to get it done!

Maybe sometime in the next few days I can actually put up her 10 month post. I'm such a bad blogger. :)