Friday, January 4, 2013

Amelia’s 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Amelia & Hannah’s birthdays together this year, since they are only 4 weeks apart. Audra probably regrets that decision because I am such a laid-back party planner.  Even when I WANT to go all-out, it’s usually a fleeting feeling and then I settle for a colorful tablecloth, balloons, and maybe some cupcake toppers.  HA! 

Oh my.  My Amelia.  I have to document your birthday party for you to read later in life.  It wasn’t funny at the time, but it will be quite funny in a few years when you read back on it. 

As everyone knows, you are not the most social butterfly.  Anytime there is a big crowd (regardless of how well you know the people) you bury your head in mine or your daddy’s shoulder and don’t want to budge.  You don’t want anyone to talk to you or look at you.  So birthday parties that revolve around you are really just not your cup of tea.  I felt obligated to give you a big party, but next year we may just do a laid back gathering and see how it goes.  I want you to enjoy your parties, not dread them!  Anyway – you were already tired because you didn’t get a nap, and all the attention being directed towards you was just more than you could bear.  You didn’t want to unwrap any of your presents, you didn’t smile at any of them, and you cried most of the time. 


You actually cried so hard at one point that I took you in another room to calm down…where you proceeded to throw up your juice.  Once you calmed down, I took you back out to just look at your stuff that Caroline had opened for you.  (She enjoyed that!)  Then came the Happy Birthday song and the blowing out of candles.  You reached out to touch the candle and it scared you when we gasped.  I think you touched some of the wax for a split second with your finger.  I quickly wiped it off but it was too late.  You were crying.  Hysterically.  Through the entire song.  Hannah was thrilled though!  Ha!

amelia crying

That picture pretty much sums it up.  Ha!  After everyone left, you were really happy and played with all of your presents and wanted everything out of the box.  You just do not like being the center of attention…totally unlike your big sister – who prefers to be the center of attention!

Next year, we will do things a little differently for you if being in the limelight isn’t your favorite. 

HOW are you two years old?  You love:  Mickey Mouse, Jello, your pink blanket, your Scout puppy, the iPad, any game tablet, to take pictures on our phones, Cocoa Puffs, cereal bars, chocolate, juice, milk, your dream lites shining on the bunk bed before bed, chicken nuggets, any snack foods, your family, Ms. Lois, jumping on the trampoline & bounce house, baths, Down by the Cool of the Pool book (you can recite the entire thing), Brown Bear book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom,  any baby doll, snuggling, wooden puzzles, and pictures.

You don’t like:  Anything that requires you to be social in any size crowd, being told “no no” (you cry, everytime…so tender-hearted!), being buckled in your carseat, water, someone taking the iPad from you, Caroline telling you what to do, Walker crying in the car (you say, “BABY WALKER!  IT’S OKAY!!” in a loud and annoyed voice), taking showers, & being woken up before you’re finished sleeping. 

You have such a big personality for such a little girl.  You’re in a size 5 diaper, 24m-2T clothes, and you weigh right at 25lbs.  It absolutely blows my mind that you are already two years old.  I can’t wait to see what a beautiful woman you will grow in to.  You are one of the loves of my life and joy to me.  I love being your mother.  I love you to the moon and back!


Here is Amelia’s 2 Year video that we showed at her birthday party.  Smile  Turn your volume up!

Amelia’s 2 Year Video


  1. Poor thing. She is a beautiful girl. And you're a great mommy.

  2. Amazing video! You did an excellent job!

  3. I love this girl! Laid back party for Mia next year--very doable. ;)