Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy 7 1/2 Months, Walker Man!

The time has flown.  More so than usual. I got behind, but it’s better late than never.  You are SO big.  You are 20lbs even, in 9m clothing (some 12m fits!) and you are crawling EVERYWHERE!  Once you got the hang of it, you were gone!  Your favorite thing to do is go after the new puppy’s water and food bowls and spill everything.  Then you smile that sweet smile and I don’t even get aggravated.  Winking smile


You’re eating baby food once a day – but it isn’t always your favorite.  Some days you’re excited to eat it, other days you just don’t want it!

You’ve had a cold and a clogged tear duct in the last few weeks.  Awful!  The tear duct got infected – but since we’ve started the antibiotics, it has improved significantly.  I’m so glad because you always look so pitiful when you’re sick.  You definitely have allergies just like the rest of the family.


Your oldest sister LOVES taking her picture with you.  She’ll walk up and throw her arm around you and say, “Mama, can you take my picture with Baby Walker?”  She loves you!

You sleep through the night most nights, unless you’re not feeling well.  You can find your paci all by yourself in the crib and you put yourself back to sleep!  You *LOVE* the mobile in your crib, but we had to take it down because you can sit up by yourself now and you were pulling it down! 

You can sit up by yourself so well.  It has made things much easier.  You can go from being on your back to sitting up all by yourself!  It amazes me that you can do all of this already.  You’ve tried to pull up – unsuccessfully (whew!) but you’re definitely attempting.

You love:  Jumperoo, pacis (mainly the Wubanubs!), eating, your own bed, snuggling, being rocked, a cold wipe during diaper changes Winking smile, and baths…at least until the washing up part, your sisters, Minnie’s dog bowls, & playing with Mommy & Daddy!

You dislike:  Being hungry or tired, most flavors of baby food (ha!),  being handed to someone else when you’re sleepy, staying up late, being SICK, and most of all – taking ANY form of medication, be it drops in your eyes or a syrup in your mouth!  ESPECIALLY if you have to be held down to take it.  Your sisters would both eventually give up and just let it happen.  You will fight tooth and nail and do not give up!  Just like a man!  Ha!


I have to say – you are the most chill, laid-back baby – ever.  You will just go anywhere and do whatever and you’re fine with it.  The only time you’re unhappy is when you’re tired or really hungry.  And really, who can blame you there?  You’re related to me!  You’ll probably never outgrow that, son.  Winking smile  You are so easy, it’s almost laughable.  I love my sweet Amelia, but it’s funny how difficult she was as a baby and how easy you are. 


You are the cutest, chubbiest, sweetest little boy on the planet…and I’m not saying that because I biased.  Winking smile  You are such a blessing to me.  You’re teaching me the difference between these drama queen girls and boys like you!  I can already see subtle differences!  I thank God for you and your sisters every night.  You are 1/3 of my heart, sweet boy.  I love you more than you know!


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