Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy 10 Months, Walker Man!

Oh. My. Word.


How is this possible?  His life has flown right by me.  It honestly does NOT feel like he’s been with us this long. 


Oh my.  He’s a mama’s boy.  And his mama EATS IT UP!  All I have to do is look his direction and I get a huge smile.  I love it.  He really is the happiest baby on the planet.  So laid back, content, and chill.  I love it.


He loves: MAMA!, eating, his paci, splashing in the bathtub, getting in to everything, opening and slamming cabinet doors, his sisters making him laugh, anything electronic, daddy playing with him, rocking, “walker snacks” as Amelia calls them (Puffs)

He dislikes:  Diaper changes, changing clothes, not being able to crawl, rinsing hair in the bathtub, mama leaving, being hungry or tired.


He’s crawling EVERYWHERE and attempting to walk!  He can hold on and walk around things and he has taken a lot of unassisted steps recently!   I figure by his birthday he’ll be walking around with no problems!  He generally only cries if he’s really hungry or really tired.  But even when he’s really tired, he can push through and stay happy if someone will engage him.  He’s really independent when he’s playing.  He doesn’t care if anyone is with him or not – he’s busy!  He’s so much more “into things” than the girls were.  Boy thing?  He’s in my cabinets, in the dog food, in EVERYTHING.  He got a good bite of dog food yesterday before I could get it out of his hands.  He apparently thinks it’s delicious.  He isn’t really a fan of being outside, but I know that will come with age.  He hates sitting the grass and will usually start to fuss until someone picks him up.  He weighs a whopping 22lbs and is in a size 5 diaper.  Yep.  He and Amelia wear the SAME SIZE.  He’s been in 12 month clothing for over a month now…but they fit well.  Hopefully he won’t outgrow them too quickly considering we don’t have a single outfit in 18months.  Ha!


He is mashing food with his jaws, so he’s been eating some table food!  He gnawed on a french fry the other day and did well.  He’s also been drinking some milk from a sippy cup.  Crossing my fingers that by 12 months old we can get rid of that obnoxious bottle and the expensive stuff that goes inside of it! 


He LOVES music and starts bouncing and dancing instantly.  It’s adorable.  He’s waving and will sometimes say “bye bye” when he does it.  Today he clapped for the first time!  IMG_4712

He’s just like my other two in the fact that he doesn’t have many teeth yet.  Smile  He has his two bottom center teeth and that’s it!  I figure those top ones won’t be much longer in coming in. 

That’s about it for a 10 month update.  Have I mentioned yet that I cannot believe that he’s 10 months old?!  We love you, Walker Man! 


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