Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Walker Man!

Someone pinch me.  My baby boy is one year old today.  Unreal.  I refuse to believe it.  But it’s screaming at me in the face with every little bitty step, splash in the toilet, bite of table food, new words said, and sweet little fingers and toes getting bigger every day. 

It’s seems like yesterday!  All the contractions, the combine rides (that were just too smooth to do anything!) and the exciting ride to the hospital after my water broke and I knew it was time!  Then hearing his sweet voice and that adorable face when he was born.  He was sucking his thumb from the beginning.  My baby boy.  He has 1/3 of my heart. 

He is a good mixture of the girls.  Not quite as socially outgoing as Caroline, but not as painfully shy as Amelia.  He (unlike Caroline) needs a couple of minutes to adjust to his surroundings, then he’s fine.  He laughs and plays and can just about RUN wherever he’s going.  Sometimes he gets a little ahead of himself and falls on his face.  Hence the large bruise on his face that he was sporting at his birthday party.  Poor thing. 

Sweet boy is 25lbs and in a size 5 diaper – but it won’t be long and I’ll move him to a 6.  He’s in his 12m clothing, but it’s starting to get tight.  I haven’t tried his 18m stuff yet, but I have a feeling it’s going to fit.  He’s a big boy!  His sweet belly hangs over his diaper and it’s probably the cutest thing ever.  He recently has taken an obsession with Amelia’s pink blanket.  You can imagine how that’s going.  He grabs it and runs with it.  Amelia is not pleased, at all.

He eats a lot of table food (and some paper off the floor) and does a pretty good job!  He loves to eat.  Ha!

He loves:  his paci, his family, Amelia’s blanket, any toy with wheels, playing in the potty, pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, digging in cabinets, slamming cabinet doors, throwing stuff in the trashcan, playing in the dog bowls, splashing in water, sleeping in the corner of his crib, his bottle (soon to be ending!), being tickled, and EATING!  Did you see that most of that was something he shouldn’t be doing?!  He is a (loving) handful.  Ha!

He dislikes:  Being sleepy (although he tolerates it), being hungry, being told “no” or moved away from something he’s playing with, teething, sitting in the grass, & being taken away from mama.  Smile

He has 4 teeth and 2 more pushing through and couldn’t be any more curious and mischievous than he is now.  We love him to pieces!  Happy birthday, sweet boy!

Walker’s First Year

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  1. You just THINK he can't be more curious and mischievous than he is now. Give him a good few months and you'll eat those words! Ha!