Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pictures from my new camera...

One of the first pictures that I took of Oakley!
Brother-in-law loves me. He snuck in a kiss! :)
I love how it focuses on Caleb's body with the batter not quite in focus...
The future pro-baseball player. Oh yeah, he's our friend. Be jealous.
Do you see the ball going into his glove? My quick shutter caught this!
Can you see the ball in the corner that he just hit? :)
It looks sweet, but Austin is actually about to rip Judd's thumb off.

Sweet Reese. Love her eyes in this picture!
The very first picture I took on my new camera. :)
Isn't she a great model? I love the green grass in the back.
Our neighbor's flowers. We don't have any, so I take pictures of his. :)
Another great picture of the model, Reese. :)

That's all I'm putting up for now. It took ages for these pictures to upload to blogspot! :) Hope you enjoyed! Hopefully I'll get even better with the camera and maybe for my birthday I'll get a lens that lets me zoom in a little further!


  1. Hey! They look great. The baseball ones are amazing, and I love the one of Reese with the grass in the background. See you Thursday?

    p.s. you should plant some flowers

  2. Yeah! These are so good. Keep up the good work!