Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I know, it's been a long time. What did you expect? :)

Judd and I haven't been up to much...just the usual work, sleep, eat. I will soon be adding "study" to that wonderful mix. Nursing school orientation went well. We spent an entire day listening to speeches, handbook material, and stress management advice. Haha! Stress management! Kinda like an oxymoron. I actually have 8 books for ONE class. I bought all my books for the fall semester today...guess how much it cost me... $495.11!! Well if we weren't broke before, we are now! Although, buying them on http://www.half.com/ saved me a ton of money.

I went home for Audra's shower this weekend and to say that she got a lot of stuff would be an understatement. She literally got EVERYTHING she could possibly need! Although, I was shocked that she didn't get more diapers, but honestly, diapers aren't fun to give as a gift. She did get some cash and gift cards which will probably go towards diapers. The whole family is just so excited about Drew. He will certainly be spoiled in every house he enters. It was so great to see everyone this weekend. I've missed my family SO much!

Judd has an allergist appointment tomorrow (actually, it's just another way for them to say, "Well you're doing great! See ya again in 4 weeks! Just pay up front.") but whatever. We'll be headed to Memphis tomorrow afternoon but we'll have to drive back tomorrow night. I'll definitely take my pillow.
The other day (okay, 2 weeks ago), we decided to clean the ski boat just in case we have time to use it at some point this year (doubtful). We let Oakley and Reese run around and I sprayed them with the water hose and let them play all day long. This was the disaster that I created... He is supposed to be WHITE, people. Look at all that dirt. He was sad because he knew he was about to get a bath...

I need to fold clothes and I've been putting it off for the LONGEST time. I guess laundry is calling my name. Sorry I didn't have any pictures besides the one of Oakley...my camera is in Judd's truck and he's not home from work (surprise surprise!) so I guess I'll do some baby shower pictures when he gets back!

Much love!

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