Thursday, February 25, 2010

Renovation Begins...Again!

Well, we're knee deep into renovation of our 2nd house. Renovating is so difficult, but so rewarding. I love seeing something old and worn turn into something that looks new and modern. The transformation is always so dramatic! I've been a little sad about leaving our current home. Judd and I worked so hard on this house. Most of the things we did to this house were DIY...and we had no clue what we were doing! We were honestly flying by the seat of our pants! Ha! I'll be sad for us to leave our first home together and all the memories we made here, but we're quickly running out of room and the space is definitely needed!

Everyone pray with me - NO RAIN THIS WEEKEND! If it doesn't rain this weekend, they'll pour the concrete for our addition Monday morning! We've been waiting on dry weather for weeks to get this part finished! There is a 30% chance tomorrow (down from 60%) for rain - but I'm crossing my fingers that it'll hold off for a few more days! I really hope it holds out!

See where Judd is standing? That's how far out our addition will be. I was standing at the wall. One of the smaller bedrooms is going to be turned into a hallway leading to our bedroom on one half, and the other half will be our walk-in closet! The addition will be adding a bedroom and a master bath. Yay!
I'm not sure how many sq ft the "new" house will be, but I do know it's about twice the size of our current one (if not a little bigger) and my absolute favorite part is that our living room is going to be open and big! The living area is where you spend the majority of your time and we want it to be big enough to feel comfortable when people come over (or babies run around destroying things.) Our kitchen, dining area, and living room will all be open to one another. I'm really excited about that.

This was the room before the brick wall was knocked down to open it up to the kitchen and dining area!

This is the after. I'm standing on the opposite side of the house, but you get the idea. Everything is going to have drywall so that the rooms flow together a little better. The floors have already been removed and the ceilings have been removed and partially replaced with drywall.

They have been working on the house for 2 days and it looks like a totally different place! I know the progress will start to slow a bit when they start refinishing instead of removing, but I'm still impressed that they've gotten so much done in 2 days! We still have so much to do though. I forgot how difficult it is to make so many long term decorating decisions!

I'll continue to post updates! If you don't care about house renovations, my blog may bore you for the next few weeks. The builder says about 6-8 weeks before they're finished. I'm going to expect 10-12...just because. Wish us luck!

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  1. WOW! I'm overwhelmed for you! :-) How fun though. I loved the before and after pics of the last house. Can't wait to see what comes next with this one.