Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Internet is Here!

Is this important enough to warrant its own post? Why yes, yes it is! We are no longer living in slow, download limit internet land, my friends! Why does this matter to you? Well it matters because now I can BLOG again! Finally! With pictures and videos again!

Caroline is doing SO much now. Can't wait to do her 11 month post ( typical Kacie style - just in time for her 1 year birthday!) and update all of you on how much she's changed! (Yes, she's totally walking!)

Quick pregnancy update: everything is going great! Baby Amelia is doing lots of moving around and I love to feel it. Sometimes it's strong enough to be felt from the outside but most of her movements are just between the two of us for now. :)

Seriously y'all...I have to go watch some youtube videos or watch a movie instantly on Netflix or something. I can't believe how fast something downloads! I'll leave you with a video from vacation of her first time in the swimming pool....just because I can!!


  1. fun times! hey we need an update of the house all fixed up. I'm sure you've done a great job!!