Monday, August 23, 2010

11 Months + Walking Video

Little girl,

You've grown so much. You're almost a year old and I have no idea how that is possible! As usual, I'm a full month behind on your updates but since they're mostly for me and you, I think we'll be okay. You began walking this month and I absolutely LOVE to see you toddle around. You feed yourself most of the time and it makes things so much easier! You're not picky at all which is totally like your daddy...definitely not like your mommy! You cut 4 teeth in 2 weeks so you now have a total of 6 teeth! Two on top, four on bottom. Your gummy grin is gone but a beautiful smile has replaced it! Your hair is getting longer and curls at the end in the back. Your Aunt Courtney & Aunt Cassie have curly hair so I'm wondering if you have it as well! I might actually be able to put a bow in your hair soon.

You LOVE milk. I can't say that enough! Your nighttime bottle is almost non-existent. Last night we had left everything at Oma's house on accident so we decided to try going to sleep without your bottle. You acted like you'd always done that! I was so impressed. My favorite thing about putting you to sleep is when you reach for my hand to play with my fingers. You use that to put yourself to sleep. Those fingers will be there as long as you want them!

You are starting to give hugs and I really can't tell you how much I love that. I love for you to wrap your arms around me. You get SO excited when I say, "Daddy's home!" and you make a bee-line for the door. He loves you so much. You're the joy of our lives.

We found out this month that you're going to have a little sister. I'm so thrilled for you to experience that. (Even if we were to later find out the ultrasound was misleading and it's a boy...I'm thrilled for you to have a sibling to grow up with! Ultrasounds are never 100% positive!) But assuming it IS a girl...I'm so happy you'll have someone to play dollhouse and barbies with. Someone to share clothes with and someone to stay up late with while you swap secrets. My sister means the world to me and I really hope you appreciate and love your sister always...because she will be such a GIFT from God to you.

You're our pride and joy and I can't wait to see you grow up right before my eyes. You can slow down just a little though...

I love you baby girl,

Here's a video of Caroline walking!


  1. Drew is on his fourth time watching this video and keeps saying "more!" So...more videos of C please!

  2. So sweet and her walking is so cute! Aiden likes to fall asleep holding my hand too!