Thursday, October 11, 2012

Living Room Makeover (Again…)

Before pics of LR – Please excuse the mess – it’s always like this.  HA!
Seriously – BIG difference!  Yes, I need some new pillows and matching knick knacks – but the curtains themselves made a huge difference in the room.  I’m so happy with them!
DSC_0190The curtain rods are from Lowes (Allen Roth – Walnut Stain) and the fabric for the curtains is Wildwood Jubilee by Richloom.  I ordered mine from  She had the cheapest price I could find anywhere!DSC_0194DSC_0196DSC_0202
This picture is a good representation of the actual color of the fabric!
Love the fabric!
These curtains definitely have a lot of mistakes and I can’t sew a straight stitch to save my life.  But HEY – not that many people are gonna be checking out my stitches.  They were a labor of love – because I love them.  A lot.  I used THIS tutorial to make my curtains.  I used it more as a guide than anything.  Mine are lined and I wanted to make sure I did that right.  Two panels can be lined from 1 king size flat sheet.  My curtains needed to be 90” long and 54” wide, and it worked perfectly.  It took about 2hrs to make 1 panel.  It could just be that I’m slow, though.  Winking smile 
I think it made a huge difference in my living room.  Now I gotta talk Judd into a new couch (I’m thinking leather to break up the throw up of beige) and I’ll be pretty content with my living room.  The big cabinet from my MIL is coming along!  Pictures coming soon! 
I know you’re all tired of hearing about my living room so I’ll try to keep these posts to a minimum from here on out.  Winking smile 
Now, back to the regular programming…
Nakey baby!  (Washcloth for modesty.)  Smile


  1. Gorgeous!! What a huge difference. The windows look so much bigger now!! I love it. Great job, Kacie.

  2. Looooooove! I might steal your curtain rods. But just one. ;)

  3. I LOVE the new curtains! It did make a huge difference. Great fabric.

  4. Kacie, I know I told you on FB, but I LOVE your new curtains. Great job!

  5. Love it!! Looks great:) Moving the rods up really made a huge difference!