Sunday, October 7, 2012

Living Room Progress

So since my last post I’ve made quite a bit of living room progress.  I spent HOURS searching the internet for more fabric that I liked that wasn’t $17/yd.  I didn’t find any.  So I put it all in my shopping cart.  Enough to make 6 panels.  And I stared at the price.  And I stared some more.  Then I decided that was just WAY too much since I have to make so many panels and I went back to the drawing board.  I even had a friend send me a picture message of some she found while fabric shopping! (Thanks, Erin!) 

While I was looking for the 100th time, I stumbled across some that I hadn’t seen before.  It’s called Wildwood Jubilee by Richloom.  I loooooooooove it. 


It photographs a little more vibrantly than the colors actually are, but you get the gist.  It’s perfect.  And at Mary Jo’s Cloth Store, it’s $7.98/yd.  Talk about MUCH BETTER.  My total was HALF of what it would’ve been.  Shipping was also $7.99 no matter how much I ordered.  My order was 13lbs, and it still shipped (quickly, might I add!) for $7.99.  I’m very happy!

I also got my curtain rods from Lowes.  We checked our gift cards and had $100 on it so we went for it.  The rods are a little long so Judd is going to cut about 7 inches off of each one.  I love the way they look though.  We hung the rods but I’ve yet to start on the new curtains.  My fabric just came in on Friday night around 9pm…our UPS guy runs late out here!

Anyway – I’m very excited!  We’re also really coming along on the cabinet my mother-in-law gave me.  The front is pretty much sanded as much as we’re going to sand it.  It’s going to be painted white so we just needed all the chippy paint removed.  The top is sanded completely.  Now we just need to clean it thoroughly, let it dry out, and get to work.  I’m also ordering some bun feet for the bottom.  I’ve found them on several places online but NO WHERE in town.  Lowe’s had 1 foot.  Seriously – ya can’t do much with only 1 foot.  But I’m really excited about all of it.  I think my sister is really tired of hearing about my living room – but I listened to her when she re-did hers so this is payback and she has to listen to me.  Winking smile 

Pictures coming soon! 

And just for Deda…


Look at that big boy! (Walker, not Judd…LOL!)  He’s 13.5lbs at 8.5wks old!  Winking smile  Love you!

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  1. I am not tired of hearing about it, justfortherecord!