Thursday, January 7, 2010

Greetings & Birthday Shoutouts!

Things are finally getting back to normal schedule-wise. Judd is back to work (sadness!) and Caroline and I are hangin out at home! I will definitely say, things are way more fun now that she's smiling, laughing, cooing, and rolling around on her own. A light switch flipped at 3 months old and she gets more fun every single day. She's now in 3-6 month clothing even though she just started wearing her 3 month clothing 3 weeks ago. Ha! It's mostly the 3 month footed onesies that don't fit anymore. She's too long! Oh well, she's healthy and growing! Can't complain about that. She's 13lbs, 2.5oz - that's after a breathtakingly (and not in a good way...I mean literally) huge diaper. Y'all - I weighed the diaper. It was an 13oz diaper. Seriously. FULL. Ha!

We really didn't enough snow to even dust the ground. Just flurries in the air. At first I was disappointed until Judd got off work anyway! I was so happy! We spent the day together not really doing anything...but it was nice nonetheless. I did spend part of the morning at the doctor's office. I've got to kick this sickness, y'all. It's terrible. I've been sick with one thing after another since Caroline was born in the end of August. Misery. Had the flu (with 103* fever) when she was 2 weeks old, stomach virus, TONS of sinus problems........and on, and on, and on.... I'll stop. But truly, I've been sick. This latest bout of sinus troubles brought a large amount of fluid to both of my ears. So I got loaded up with a decadron shot, cough/decongestant, and an antibiotic. He said the fact that this problem has stuck around for 4 months makes him worry it could be partially due to some to really knock it out - I got an antibiotic as well. I'm happy to take it all if it will make me feel better. My ears HURT. So I'll be glad when this cleared up!

Caroline is doing fabulous! She went to the doctor last week (or week before?) and got a decongestant and cough medicine and it REALLY helps. She sounded really bad. Women at church gasp when she coughs. Makes me feel horrible - but I really am doing everything I can do! Ha! She never acts like she feels bad. Anyway, she's much better with the medicine. She can now roll over both ways (although she can roll much better from tummy to back) and I'm so proud! She halfway enjoyed her rice cereal today because we mixed it with some stage 1 applesauce. She seemed to like it much better! By the end of the meal (she didn't eat a ton) she was opening her mouth for the spoon! I was so proud. She still ate 7oz afterwards. Ha! This kid can EAT. She still eats about every 3 hours. Every once in a while she'll go 3 1/2...and rarely 4 hours. And if she's been 4 hours, an 8oz bottle doesn't stand a chance! Her playmat is her favorite toy - and she still naps best in her swing. I was a little worried about that until I looked up the max weight for the swing...25lbs! Ha! We're good! ;) She's still cuddly - which I l.o.v.e. She really only likes her paci when she's needing some security in a strange place or trying to sleep. Otherwise, she spits it right back out!
In house renovation news - they still haven't been able to pour concrete for the addition. :( It's either been too wet or too cold. Judd says to pour concrete it has to be in the mid-40's. Right now it's like - 10 degrees outside. Supposedly next week it's supposed to warm up a little so hopefully it will stay dry so they can pour concrete. My wonderfully gifted DIYer sister-in-law, Cassie came and looked at my bathroom situation and gave me some great ideas! I'll share when I think it's possible! Gotta check on measurements! I'm getting excited about it, though. I think we'll get to see Judd a good bit more and it will actually force us to eat more meals at home. The temptation of fast food/mexican/eating out in general is so strong when it takes less than 10 minutes to get there, get the food, and get home. So maybe we'll eat healthier...which is always a plus.

In this post, I need to make special mention of a couple of people who mean a lot to me!
First, my wonderful sister celebrated her 25th birthday on December 21. Yes, I'm extremely late...but extra sincere in my apology. Audra, you mean more to me than you'll ever, ever realize! On my worst day, I can call you and you always make me feel better - even if you have nothing to say and only listen! I love how close we've become. You're one of the best friends I've honestly ever had in my life. I hope it only gets better!
You've always been such an inspiration to me. Your unwavering faith amazes me every single day! You have such a wonderful heart and you're such a wonderful Christian wife and mother. Your family is so blessed to have you! I truly, truly, TRULY consider you one of my "best" blessings that God has given me. He knew what He was doing when He made you my sister.
I love you so much! I hope you never, ever forget that!

And next on my list...
Daddy celebrated his birthday January 6th, 2010! I'm not nearly as late with his post!
Daddy, what a joy it is to watch you with Caroline! I beam with pride when you ask to hold or feed her. I hope that means as much to you as it does to me! I hope Caroline makes as many wonderful memories with you as I have! Fishing, watching you gut fish on the back porch (gross!), jumping on the trampoline, watching classic movies, hearing you sing, hearing you do your "Donald Duck" voice to make us laugh over and over again....I could go on and on!

You've always wanted nothing but the best for me. I know that now. Even though I couldn't see it way back when. I'm so honored to call you my father. In the last few years, I've learned to cherish every moment with my Daddy! You always make a special effort to make me happy. Like visiting me on my birthday when I was 36 weeks pregnant and Judd had to work. I was so surprised! You've done so much for me - and I love you so much for all that you continue to do. You are truly a blessing in my life!! Thank you for loving my mother the way you do. That is so important...and I love seeing your love for each other. I especially love to see it get stronger every day! You're a wonderful Christian father, and I couldn't ask for anyone better!

I love you BOTH very much!


  1. Are those pictures of you from this Christmas Kacie? 'Cause if so, holy COW, you look fantastic!

  2. Awwww! So sweet! You're definitely my best girlfriend as well. I love you dearly!

  3. Meredith, I wish! Ha! For some reason Audra and I didn't take pictures together this Christmas! That was actually taken 2 days before I got pregnant! Ha!