Thursday, January 14, 2010

We're Moving!

Just into another house - but did I get your attention?! Ha! :) Weather permitting (please no rain this weekend!) we'll be starting renovations and additions onto the house next week! The builder says from there they should be completely finished in 6-8 weeks! AH! I was so shocked to hear that time frame! I'm still a bit skeptical that everything can get finished in that amount of time, so I'm going to remain hopeful but doubtful. That's my safest bet!

I'm super pumped about the extra space. That house is probably close to double the size of this one. The space will definitely be appreciated. I'm also really excited about the bedroom/bathroom we're adding on. The bathroom is going to have a DOUBLE VANITY! (gasp!) I've come to realize what a luxury that is! The bedroom is also going to be big enough for my king size bed! YAY! Since this entire post is full of exclamation points, I hope you can see how excited I really am. Space, people. Space. We need the space.

I am a little leery of living in the country. I've lived in town my entire life. When I say we're goig to be living in the country...I mean...COUNTRY. Have y'all ever looked at the price for satellite internet?! It's OUTRAGEOUS. To get the internet connection we have now (about $50/month) it would cost us $350/month!!!! Yes, that warrants 4 exclamation points. So, don't be expecting tons of blog posts once we move because we certainly cannot afford internet that expensive and the cheapest stuff is super slow. So who knows what we'll do. Bummer.

Anyway, regardless of the ancient caveman internet we'll have to have, I'm excited. I'm anxious to start packing...haha! Just in case this turns out to take much longer than expected - I'll hold off. Just know that it's killing me not to be doing something productive while I wait.

I'm headed to bed! Have a wonderful rest of the week!


  1. You should look into Hughesnet satellite internet. You should be able to get what you want for less than $100.00 a month and they saw you can get it "anywhere you can see the sky." I have many friends who live far and have had much luck with this. Good luck.

  2. Hi Cassie! Hughesnet is actually what I looked at! I compared download rates, etc. to what we have now and pay $50/month for it. The same thing cost $350/month with hughesnet! Crazy!

  3. Hi, came across your blog from your photographer's website, but I was wondering if you have looked into Wildblue service. I live in the middle of nowhere in south Louisiana and we were able to get it for $57/ month.. Its not lightening fast, but fast enough, and especially faster than dial-up!! GL with the move and Caroline is adorable!!