Thursday, August 11, 2011

This & That

1.  I finally got Kroger coupons yesterday.  After calling and harassing the customer service people 3 times, I finally got them.  Persistence pays off.

2.  Too many people are mentioning potty training Caroline for it not to worry me that the girl seems no where ready to potty train.  However, if she gains much more weight there will no longer be a diaper for her to wear.  Yikes.

3.  Amelia is now saying “da-da” and it’s seriously adorable. 

4.  We got Caroline a “mini” bounce house for her birthday.  We thought it would fit in a small corner in her playroom and we could blow it up when she wanted to play with it.  It. Is. HUGE.  It has to go directly in front of the front door in the open space in our kitchen/living room area.  Huge.

5.  My kids are starting to play together and it suddenly makes 2 under 2 totally worth it.  They were 15 months apart and it was rough nearly killed me.  I’m not kidding.  I was heading for the light.  And suddenly, there became a glimmer of hope (the bottle) and she’s a new baby.  I am thankful for this every single day.

6.  I taught Caroline the “Clean up, clean up – everybody do your share” song.  Backfire.  Now she dumps ALL the toys out ALL the time just to sing the song.  What’s the problem, you ask?  She picks up about half of the toys before she realizes the song in itself doesn’t necessarily make cleaning up fun.

7.  We had a Veggie Tales themed birthday party for Caroline this past weekend.  My sister preeeeeeetty much pulled the whole thing together.  Without her, it would have looked like a red and green Christmas party in August.  Larry & Bob would have barely made their presence known.  However, thanks to Audra, Caroline walked around yelling their names everytime she saw them.  Smile

Caroline's 2nd Birthday 100  Caroline's Birthday 2011 186Caroline's 2nd Birthday 010  Caroline's 2nd Birthday 024

Caroline's 2nd Birthday 051 Caroline's 2nd Birthday 023

Caroline's 2nd Birthday 020

8.  Judd and I are, together, counting calories.  Yep.  We’ve decided we’re not in very good shape and we eat awful foods.  Today was day 1.  I pretty much messed myself over at breakfast.  I only have 270 calories left for the entire night and we haven’t eaten dinner.  Not looking very successful.

9.  I haven’t blogged in nearly 3 weeks.  Oops. 


Amelia is in need of her mother now.  I kind of like ending on number 9 instead of 10.  Does that bug you?  Winking smile

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