Saturday, September 17, 2011

Book Recommendation

If you’ve been looking for a good book to read – and you’re married (or soon to be married) I have a fantastic book for you.

It’s called Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs.  There are DVD’s and Workbooks to accompany the book or you can just read the book alone (or watch the DVD’s alone, I believe.) 

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I can’t say enough about this book.  I have figured out that my husband is physically incapable of reading a book.  He just can’t do it. He falls asleep on page 2.  If he ever makes it to page 10 he is proud of himself.  I had pretty much decided he would never read another book in his life (has he ever finished one, I wonder…?)  until I brought myself into the 21st century and realized we have AUDIOBOOKS!  Judd rides on a combine for about 8 hours on any given day during harvest and most books are about 6 hours.  Although he can’t sit there and listen to the book without stopping, I’m happy that he has the chance now to read what I’m reading!

He gladly said he would “read” Love & Respect if I just put it on the iPod for him.  Of course I quickly ran to the computer and put it on there.  I had been reading the book at night before bed for several days.  I want you to know, in one day of listening he had passed me in the book! 

If my husband comes home talking about a book and how “that guy really seems to know what he’s talking about!” then you know it has to be worth reading.  The beginning of the book (Part 1) is somewhat redundant, but I understand he needed to make sure he got his point across or Part 2 wouldn’t do anyone any good!  Part 2 is fantastic.  He writes a section for women (about their husbands) and a section for men (about their wives.)  He is dead on.  I was reading the part about women, written to the husbands and I kept thinking, “That’s SO true.  This man gets it!”  Judd said he felt the same way when listening to the part written to women about their husbands. 

If you have to ride in the car by yourself at all, have some free moments to read at night, or even some time to watch the DVD’s – I really recommend it.  Judd and I have been trying to put everything we were taught into practice – and I promise you – a week in, I can see a difference in the way we treat each other. 

Whether you have a rocky marriage that needs major help, or a marriage that seems “perfect” or anything in between – this book is worth reading.  Encourage your spouse to read it with you.  It could be life changing!  All marriages have room for improvement, no matter how good it is!  I promise you won’t regret this book! 

Love & Respect Website

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And if your husband is like mine, get him the audiobook!

I already have several more books lined up for Judd to “read” on the combine!  Winking smile

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