Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Favorite Projects

I started thinking last night how much I enjoy doing a good project, and the proud feeling that I get afterwards, especially if it’s DIY.  I love it.  As a friend on Facebook said, “Pinterest makes me want to burn my house down and start over!” HA!  While I certainly don’t want to burn my house down, it does make me want to do more little projects that make a big difference in a room!  So I decided it would be really fun to share my favorite projects, and see yours, too!  Please leave a link to your favorite DIY's in a comment!  (We were doing a McLinky, but it wasn't working!)  Winking smile  Maybe your projects will be the next thing I decide to do!
Without further adieu, here’s my favorites:
1.  I can’t put up favorite projects without talking about our house renovation project.  It was not DIY (although I did design everything!) but I have to list it.  It was the biggest project we’ve ever done and it definitely took a lot of time and work, and I am SO proud of it!
We did a lot more than just that – and you can see the renovation from beginning to end by clicking HERE.
2.  My red dresser.  My mom bought me a furniture set at a garage sale when I decided to move to Starkville to be close to Judd.  It was just regular honey colored wood.  The furniture moved with us when we got married and we painted it an onyx color from Benjamin Moore that was supposed to be black, but had a bluish tint to it.    Sorry I don’t have any pictures of that color – they’re all on my other computer.  When Amelia took over the guest bedroom in our new house, I decided to move it to an empty wall in the living room – and paint it red!  I’m in love with it.  It’s definitely in my top re-do projects.
red dresser
We took the mirror that came with it off and got a different one and changed the knobs.  I love it.  It adds a wonderful pop of color to my living room!
3.  Caroline’s Striped Nursery.  We worked our tails off.  We’ve since moved, but that room will live in infamy. Winking smile 
painters tape
4.  My Earring Organizer.  Easy-peasy.  Seriously.  It’s a decorative bulletin board and some sewing pins.  I made it the day I came home from the hospital with Caroline.  Yeah, it’s that easy.
DIY's 031
DIY's 033
Simple, simple.  And cheap!
5.  My Sewing Room Organization Wall. 
DIY's 034
DIY's 036
DIY's 038
DIY's 039
DIY's 040
Pegboard, peghooks, & dowel rods.  I love it.  My stuff is so much more organized.  My ribbon is where I can see it.  My thread is where I can get to it easily.  My hoops are all where I can get to them.  Everything is within reach.  We really just got it finished a couple of weeks ago…that’s why my corkboards are empty. Winking smile  I also LOVE my “Sew much fabric, sew little time” decal. 
6.  My chalkboard painted jars.  I love them.  They add some color to the room and they were fun!
DIY's 046
Please notice, I still have not purchased chalk.  I can never remember chalk.
DIY's 048
Find the tutorial for these HERE.
7.  My picture gallery wall.  If you don’t think this is a project…try doing it!  I had to put them all out in the floor and arrange them 5000 times to get them the way I wanted.  Then I had to decide which pictures should be b&w and which should be colored.  Then we Judd had to hang them all and make them straight.  It was a chore, but I love the way it turned out!
DIY's 029
DIY's 030
8.  My closet dividers.  They keep my shirts in my sewing room SO much more organized.  I love them! 
DIY's 043
Find the tutorial for these by clicking HERE.
9.  My cheapo lamps.  I found some lamps in the clearance section at Walmart that I loved, but I hated the color.  One can of Krylon Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint later, I had this! 
DIY's 028
DIY's 051
10.  My bookcase.  My mother-in-law always has whatever you’re looking for in her shed.  I asked if she had a bookcase, and I got my choice of three.  Winking smile  I am so thankful!  I painted it blue (it was hunter green) and promptly took the books from all the random drawers and cubbies in the house and placed them on my bookshelf!  Now they’re all nice and neat!
DIY's 053
If you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, they’re not.  It’s a little crooked…not perfectly level…but it holds the books just fine!
DIY's 056
So there are my favorites.  I would LOVE to see your favorites.  They don’t necessarily have to be DIY but that does make it a little more fun!  You can list just one (and it can be a tutorial!) but you must place a link in your new post showing people that you linked up here so they’ll know where to come find more! Just put this link in your post somewhere...

So – show me your projects & tutorials!


  1. I don't have any links but I can certainly agree with you on the gallery wall. I have been working on mine for weeks. (and its been on the wall for weeks-I'm still changing it!) That is one tough chore, but worth it in the end:)

  2. That sewing room looks awesome! I've been thinking about learning to embroider myself, can I ask which machine you started out with? That new machine looks insane!!

  3. Hi Christine! I started with a Singer Futura. It's a good machine but kinda ticky. I think most people have better luck with the Brother machines. Mine is a Brother PR-650 and its AMAZING. Good luck! It's fun!