Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Crud.

Our family – has The Crud.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  Someone in our family has been sickly since the beginning of December.  It started with Caroline, then moved to Amelia.  It seemed to last forever with them.  Shortly after they seemed to be on the mend, I got sick, followed promptly by Judd.  Somehow, Caroline is sick again.  Ha!  I’ve also been nauseated to the point of throwing up a few times (I’m guessing it’s pregnancy related?) and that’s on top of being sick.  BLAH! We need some general wellness around here.  I say all of this with the total realization that your family is probably sick, too.  Everyone is sick right now!  I think it’s the crazy weather that gets warm then freezing then warm again.  I’ll be happy when Spring finally gets here and the weather is juuuust right.  Smile 

Y’all, the fatigue.  The. Fatigue.  I keep waiting for the day that I wake up with a little more energy and a little more the day after that.  It’s not here yet, but I’m waiting on it!  This is such a different tired than I’ve ever experienced.  I’m sleepy…so, so, so sleepy.  I LONG for naptime and bedtime (for the kids AND myself) because I know I might can close my eyes for just a few seconds.  Multiple times in the last week I have gone to bed before 9pm which is unheard of for me.  I’m such a night owl!  But lately, I’m not a night owl OR an early riser.  The more sleep, the better.  Anyone want to come keep my kids for a while?  No?  They’re cute….are you sure?  Fine. 

So, with all of my complaining aside – I’m super excited about my doctor’s appointment next Wednesday (the 25th) because we should hopefully be able to hear the heartbeat with a doppler!  When I was pregnant with the girls, I had a doppler that I borrowed from someone and I literally used it every day.  I LOVED finding their heartbeats and it was so amazing to me how quickly they moved from one side to the other and I’d go find their heartbeat again.  I don’t have access to one this time so I’ll really be looking forward to my appointments. 

I’m totally thinking that the 3rd time around (especially all so close together?) REALLY makes a difference in how quickly things seem to change physically.  I definitely have a major bloat all the time, but even when I suck in at an uncomfortable level, there is still a small pooch below my bellybutton.  The problem is, I look fat – not pregnant.  My clothes make me look like a I have a gut, but my maternity clothes from this season with Amelia are all huge because not only was I in my last trimester, but I also started out almost 10lbs heavier with her than I am this time.  So everything I already have swallows me.  I say all of that to say, if you see me with a gross looking gut, I promise, if it wasn’t so painful to suck it in, I totally would.  Also, BOO for my tailbone pain already being back!  I didn’t have it with Caroline and it didn’t start with Amelia until 16 weeks(ish) and I’m almost 9 weeks right now.  Whew!  I hope I can find ways to curb the pain this time since I know what to expect.  So again, if you see me with a donut pillow, just pretend like you didn’t see it.  Thanks.

ALL of that being said, I really do enjoy pregnancy.  Obviously the first trimester junk isn’t my favorite – but it’s necessary to get to the good parts!  I feel guilty because when I was pregnant with Caroline, I constantly thought to myself about how much I was not a fan of pregnancy itself.  I didn’t know what to expect, I was impatient, etc.  With Amelia it FLEW by and I totally wasn’t ready for it to be over just yet.  Granted, she was 5 weeks early, but I really was enjoying it for the most part.  This time, I’m going to try to enjoy it as much as possible.  As soon as the nausea and fatigue get better, this will be much easier to practice.  Winking smile  My absolute favorite part of pregnancy (as is most women’s) is feeling the baby move.  I didn’t feel Caroline for a long time (around 21 weeks) but I felt Amelia REALLY early (around 12 weeks) but it was only because I knew what I was looking for and it was very, very faint flutters.  They never went away and gradually got stronger and stronger so I have no doubt it was her!  I hope I feel this one early, too.  It’s such an amazing thing! 

I have no idea why I even typed this random post, but I know at least Deda will enjoy reading my nothingness.  Smile 

Hope you all have a BLESSED week!  Count your blessings and remember to thank God specifically for each one! 

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