Sunday, April 13, 2008

Why I hate planting season...

Goes to work at 5:30am - comes home at 9:00pm and passes out. :( The short amount of time that I get to see him is sad. I was really lonely today since it is the first Saturday that he's had to work this late. He came in tonight, and ate dinner, and within 5 minutes of finishing dinner was dead asleep. I finally got him up off the couch to take a quick shower and get in the bed. :( I'll be glad when I start nursing school and my job so I'll have something to do/people to communicate with. It's just so lonely when works these long hours. Such is the life of a farmer and his wife I guess...


  1. I just read through all of your posts. :) Congratulations on getting into nursing school!! It'll keep you busy that's for sure. It's challenging and sometimes just flat-out difficult. Stick with it though because it really is SO rewarding. ;)

  2. His neck looks SO uncomfortable, and I can just hear that heavy snore breathing he does. lol