Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Do you ever feel cramped in your space? I'm sure people with 5,000 sq. ft. houses feel cramped at some point...but does the cramped feeling ever go away? As I sit here in our 950 sq. ft. house that so much work went into, I feel utterly cramped. Trapped. Claustrophobic. I can't explain it. It used to feel "cozy" and "home-y" but lately it feels so squished that I can hardly move. One bathroom is enough to make me feel squished, but then add the laundry room that also doubles as our only closet space. Then add the only place to store anything other than dishes in the kitchen is the 2 cabinets & fridge. Let's not even TOUCH the guest bedroom/office/junk room.

To visit pictures of our cramped humble abode, click here.

Please don't get me wrong. I am BLESSED. But sometimes, even when you realize and know deep down that you're blessed - you just can't wait for something better...ya know? I'm at that point right now. I would KILL to add a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen pantry to this house. I wouldn't mind making the living room a little bigger so that more than 3 people can come in without feeling awkward by having to pull up a dining room chair to join us. And to top it all off - I don't think men ever feel this way. I wish I was more like that...just content with "whatever." Judd is perfectly fine with one bathroom, and he finds it convenient that the laundry room doubles as the basically keeps him from having to fold anything, and as long as he can EAT the food coming out of our 2 cabinets, he doesn't care.

I know, I know. Just tell me to be quiet! I'm trying to push out these urges of wanting more space. It just sucks feeling so trapped in your own house. I do love my house. We put SO SO SO much work into making this house feel less outdated, and more modern. We spent countless hours scrubbing floors, waxing floors, re-tiling, replacing, and painting. That work made this house a home. And I guess sometimes even in it's cramped layout - it's still ours. I have a gut feeling that one day I'm going to be in a larger house thinking, "I miss the days of the 2br/1ba house," and then Judd will roll his eyes and say, "I just can't please you, can I?!" You'd think in time men would realize that no matter what - women are almost never satisfied. We change our minds as often as our underwear. I don't know why - but I'm definitely no exception.

That's enough of my ranting for tonight. :) I guess I'll head off to bed.

TWO MORE DAYS OF WORK!!! YAY!! I'll leave you with a picture..since that's what makes a post interesting anyway. :) Goodnight ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. we move in tomorrow so i'll be lucky to have a place. we joked about our 1br/1bath apt. saying that we could never get mad at each other because there won't be anywhere to go to be alone. i see that a cramped space can be good and bad. And as to always remember that we are blessed, i know what you mean by wanted more space. im sure ill feel like that over the next week moving our million things into our apt. that's too small to hold it.
    but then again...
    im just glad me and paul have each other...
    cheers to the both of us for more space ONE DAY!!