Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Being a mom is so amazing. Even though I'm exhausted, I can't wait to see her in the mornings. We get up every 1 1/2-2hrs in the middle of the night. That gets tiring, but she sleeps a lot during the day. She's the light of my life. I wouldn't go back to life without her for anything. AND - get this! - I'd rather have her OUTSIDE my belly than INSIDE...even in my exhaustion. Well, it's time to take her to bed and begin another long night! Judd and I are SO in love with her.

More pictures of my sweet baby girl!

Sleepin' like a baby!

First smiles!!!

Look how tiny she is!

My sweet girl!

Oh how I love this girl...

This is a framer!

Judd calls this the "Lion King" picture. :)


  1. Oh my goodness, she is so tiny!! I'm glad to hear you are all doing so well. :)

  2. Thanks for posting pictures! Hang in there, it gets better and better! And your love grows stronger and stronger! So glad you are enjoying it.

  3. She is precious! So glad you are all home and doing well. Keep the pictures coming! =)