Monday, September 14, 2009


I don't have a lot to update on, but I know I haven't said much in a while. What can I say...we've been busy! Busy sleeping, eating, changing diapers, and holding our sweet girl. :)
She's a pretty good sleeper - but the nighttime feedings are getting tiring, for sure! For example, last night we got into the bed at 12am. She then woke up at 1am, 2am, 3am, and 4am. Talk about exhausted! She started sleeping for 2 hour stretches after 4am which I was thankful for! Life has definitely changed and there's truly no way to prepare for how big of a change it is. It's a welcomed change, though. I wouldn't have it any other way.
Caroline's newborn pictures were taken today by Brandy Jaggers Photography and I'm SO excited. Caroline looked quite adorable in her birthday suit, if I may say so myself. We had her in baskets and pretty backdrops and even some special pictures for family. I can't to get them. I'm so glad that we decided to have them taken. She'll never be this little again and I want to remember that!
I hope you all have a wonderful start to this week! I'll do my best to update again soon! I'll leave you with a picture from Friday. This is Mommy and her little girl!


  1. Oh my goodness Kacie!! Look how flat your stomach is already! That's amazing. You look great. And I can't wait to see the newborn pictures.

  2. HAPPY 2 WEEK BIRTHDAY, CAROLINE!!! I'm sure it feels like a lot longer than 2 weeks at times to your mommy! You are such a blessing into all of our lives and we love you to the ends of the earth!

  3. Aw! I love the pics you have on the blog- they are all so adorable!